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News   October 28, 2021   by Adam Malik

Here’s what’s important to customers getting their vehicles serviced

Getting in and out quickly is the most important thing for customers when bringing their vehicle to their service and repair shop.

Four in five (81 per cent) put that on the list when asked how important various items related to the vehicle service process were, according to the 2021 Ontario Automotive Consumer Study from business advisory firm Deloitte.

Coming in second was access to a loaner vehicle (71 per cent. Real-time updates during the service event (68 per cent) rounded out the top three.


Other matters important during the vehicle service process were “ongoing support between service occasions” at 63 per cent and “concierge service to pick up/drop off vehicle” at 53 per cent.

Way down at the bottom were amenities and experiences, such as a restaurant, coffee shop or kids playroom. Just over a quarter (27 per cent) noted this as important.

Other results from the study found that more than seven in 10 (72 per cent) who buy a new vehicle prefer to have their vehicle serviced by the dealer. More than one in five (22 per cent) will take their new vehicle to an aftermarket shop for service.

But for those who buy used, almost half (49 per cent) will have their vehicle serviced by the aftermarket. Still, 39 per cent will take their used vehicle to the dealer for service. The remaining are DIYers.

While their vehicle is being serviced by the aftermarket, 32 per cent will wait in the lounge while two-thirds will leave and come back. That’s compared to 43 per cent and 54 per cent, respectively, for dealer customers.

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