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News   April 30, 2018   by Adam Malik

VIDEO: Heartfelt Thanks

Mark Bergasse, owner of Mark’s Auto Service in Oakville, Ont., was sidelined by a heart ailment at the worst time of year for his business. The winter tire-change rush was about to start, but he had to have emergency quadruple bypass surgery. Already short-staffed, that meant there would be no one on the front counter.

His business hung in the balance.

But three close friends, whom he’d come to know through the ShopPros business management program, came to his rescue.

A new video on tells the story of how Carlo Sabucco of Sil’s Auto Centre, Glenn Colling of Eastside Auto Service, and Todd Sarson of Stop N Go Automotive pulled focus away from their own businesses to run Mark’s shop.

Along the way, they streamlined some of his processes, reassured his customers and staff, and led the business to its best November ever.

Watch: From the Heart — The Mark Bergasse Story.

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