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News   March 28, 2024   by Adam Malik

Group slams manufacturers for R2R ‘scare tactics’

A coalition is calling out manufacturers for ‘deflection, denial and distortion’ for connecting right to repair efforts with the growth in car thefts.

The Canadian Repair Coalition (CanRepair), a collective comprising individuals, businesses, educators, and not-for-profits, including the auto care sector, recently challenged manufacturers’ arguments against sharing repair data. It slammed them for “hiding behind scare tactics to restrict repair data for local shops and car owners.”

Amid rising automotive thefts linked to organized crime, CanRepair criticized manufacturers for using security concerns as a pretext to limit access to repair information for local shops and car owners.

“Claims from vehicle manufacturers that allowing the right to repair will perpetuate car thefts and work against their efforts to keep vehicle systems secure are reflective of a revolving strategy of deflection, denial and distortion, rather than addressing the root causes of vulnerabilities,” it statement said.

The group argued that if access to vehicle data for independent technicians poses a security threat, it reflects a foundational lapse in the vehicle’s design. By shifting the focus to external factors, manufacturers sidestep their responsibility in ensuring product security, the group observed.

CanRepair contended that this approach not only misleads consumers and policymakers but also undermines innovation and security in the digital landscape.

“Security through obscurity is not good enough for Canadians. It is imperative that we demand evidence-based policy-making that distinguishes between legitimate security concerns and unfounded fears,” it said.

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