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News   January 5, 2023   by Adam Malik

Group issues EV infrastructure proposals

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With a target of 100 per cent zero-emission vehicle sales, getting charging infrastructure in place is a must for Canadians. A group recently released a report looking at how to “thoughtfully” set up charging networks so the country can properly transition to future needs.

The CSA Group, which develops standards, testing, inspection and certifications, published a new report through its CSA Public Policy Centre. The report, Charging Ahead: Toward an equitable and reliable electric vehicle network in Canada, looks at Canada’s current charging infrastructure and examines issues around infrastructure deployment.

“Vehicle electrification should benefit all Canadians,” said Sunil Johal, vice president of public policy at CSA Group. “If the future of mobility is electric, we must build a Canada-wide EV charging network that works for everyone.”

Co-operation between governments, charging network operators and utilities is key, especially by working together early on in the planning stages, the report said. Equity and reliability need to be prioritized.

Four policy considerations for federal policymakers need to be kept in mind as they set out to build an effective and inclusive EV charging network in Canada:

  • Deploying charging infrastructure equitably to serve communities well
  • Incorporating barrier-free access design at early stages of planning, designing for physical disabilities as well as cognitive and invisible disabilities
  • Ensuring reliability for all drivers to improve the driver experience and maintain confidence in EV technology
  • Promoting inclusive payment options, without barriers such as subscription requirements and fees

“Government leaders can support an inclusive transition to low-carbon transportation in Canada,” Johal said. “Vehicle electrification offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to not only address climate change, but also tackle the inequities that have existed in transportation for years.”

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