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News   August 29, 2019   by Allan Janssen

New video: Coming tech will ‘blow some shops out of the water’

In the latest Greenwood's Garage video, business consultant Bob Greenwood says shops are facing a sink-or-swim moment.

Over the next two to three years, auto repair shops in Canada will face a sink-or-swim choice, says management consultant Bob Greenwood.

“Vehicle technology will blow many shops out of the water unless they are prepared to transition their business to the next level,” he warns in his latest Greenwood’s Garage video.

He believes a lot of shop owners are stuck in inertia, wondering what’s going to happen, and trying to figure the future out by themselves rather than seek out credible resources and advice to help them get ready for what’s coming.

Change is coming… whether you’re ready for it or not.

CLICK HERE to check out the latest video, exclusively on Auto Service World.



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