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News   July 24, 2018   by Allan Janssen

Got a great tech? Show them some appreciation!

The Canadian Technician of the Year award lets shop owners recognize their most talented employees in a very public way.

There are many ways beyond money to reward good employees.

You can throw a company lunch, print up a unique (perhaps a funny) certificate of achievement, or give someone a VIP parking spot, a gift card, or a ‘traveling’ trophy.

Sometimes a simple hand-written note from the boss is enough to make them feel appreciated.

One of the more innovative ideas I’ve ever heard of is to name an excellent employee ‘CEO for the day.’ Extra points if the CEO takes that person’s job for the day. Not only does this serve as recognition for exemplary service, but can be a learning opportunity for both sides. Imagine the decisions the employee will be asked to weigh in on during the course of a typical workday. Think of all the petty frustrations the boss will experience in the service bay, trying to get that rusted nut off the chassis, or find the needle-nose plyers that were “just here a second ago!”

At a time when skilled workers are hard to find, it’s critical that the people you rely on to make your business run feel truly appreciated. Building a team of professionals that works well together is tough enough. Once you’ve found special person who can lead the shop, you need to keep them happy.

The Canadian Technician of the Year award was set up, in part, as a means for shop owners to honour those who go above and beyond the call of duty, and recognize them in a very public way.

Over the years, we’ve heard about technicians who’ve given up family time to rescue stranded customers at the side of the road. There were those who led their teams in competence, training, and dedication to excellence. And those who stood out in their communities for their generosity and vision. There were some who performed admirably in the face of daunting challenges.

Already this year we’ve heard about multiple award winners, amazing diagnosticians, life-long learners, and selfless community-minded volunteers.

We’re looking for all of these traits and more besides. If you’ve got someone worth telling us about, why not take a moment to nominate them.

Hundreds of technicians country have felt the warm hand of gratitude patting them on the back whenever our latest list of nominees was released. By necessity, only half a dozen or so could actually be singled out as the Canadian Technician of the Year. For the vast majority, the joy was simply in being nominated.

And you know what it cost the shop owner? Nothing.

This year’s competition, generously sponsored by Snap-on Tools of Canada and Total Canada, gives you the perfect opportunity to tell the world how they’ve impressed you and your customers. Just open up  the form on our website and sing their praises. But hurry; deadline for nominations is the end of August.

Make sure your star employee is in the pile of nominations that go to our panel of industry judges. You might just have the Canadian Technician of the Year on your payroll!

You’ll find our nomination form HERE.


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