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News   September 18, 2020   by Allan Janssen

GMB adds 360-degree part photos to online catalogue

GMB has improved its online catalogue with additional technical details and 360-degree imagery of their most popular products.

The company says visitors to the GMB online parts catalogue can search from their desktop or mobile device, getting a 3D, true-to-life look at the manufacturer’s water pumps and other popular auto parts from various angles.

“While GMB’s existing catalogue has a lot of user-friendly features, our team continually seeks ways to improve the user experience,” says marketing manager Sarah Porter. “So many busy shops and installers rely on our product lines, so GMB wanted to offer more specifics about each part and give a detailed view of the part making it easier to purchase from dealers when it’s time.”

Fleet managers and other professionals rely on quality parts as much as they do their part installers. The new photography helps its third-party dealers account for the value of these products. Thorough product descriptions and high-quality photos can increase purchase confidence and decrease returns.

“It’s one thing to describe the high quality of our products,” Porter says. “But this new website feature allows users an up-close perspective on the design and materials.  This is another way we are sharing more technical details about some of our popular parts.”

GMB manufactures universal joints, water pumps, and tensioner, idler bearings, wheel bearings and hub assemblies, fuel pumps, fan clutches, and steering and suspension parts.

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