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News   February 1, 2021   by Christine Hogg

G.K Industries Ltd. & Opticat team up for e-commerce solution

G.K Industries Ltd., a manufacturer of filtration products, has teamed up with OptiCat, a supplier of cataloging data services for the automotive and heavy duty aftermarkets, to support their customers with e-commerce.

OptiCat develops software programs which deliver and receive high quality catalog data for suppliers and receivers.

Industry standard data ACES, PIES and high quality images are available on the OptiCat OnBoard supplier platform. With just a few clicks, GKI customers could request access to industry standard ACES, PIES and high quality images for all GKI product lines. Partnering with OptiCat eliminates unnecessary legwork to share data and makes the flow of information from supplier to end customer smooth and instant.

Customers designated as receivers in OptiCat’s OnDemand program can access all the necessary GKI parts data — including descriptions, dimensions and high-resolution images. In addition, information is updated quickly and expediently to all receivers providing parts managers and end customers access to the most up-to-date available GKI parts.

GKI has been providing web catalogues, paper catalogues and monthly submissions to all our partners and customers. OptiCat  is Auto Care Industry compliant focusing on ACES and PIES as standards throughout their platforms. The Opticat platform focuses on supplying the tools for suppliers and their channel partners to enhance their cataloguing and increasing their sales.

“Joining OptiCat is a strategic and important step in supporting our customers with e-business leadership. GKI is a leading filtration manufacturer in the automotive and light duty aftermarkets and OptiCat complements our expertise as the leader in managing the catalog data used by our customers to support online efforts.” said Mark Robertson, director of Sales for GKI.

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