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News   February 15, 2019   by The Associated Press

Ford recalls pickups over downshifting problem

2011 Ford F-150

Ford is recalling nearly 1.5 million pickup trucks in North America because the transmissions can suddenly downshift into first gear.

The recall covers F-150 trucks from the 2011 through 2013 model years with six-speed automatic transmissions.

It includes about 221,000 vehicles in Canada along with 1.26 million in the U.S.

The company says a glitch in sending a signal from the transmission speed sensor is the cause. Ford has five reports of accidents including one that caused a whiplash injury from a sudden downshift.

Owners will be notified by letter starting March 4. Dealers will update the powertrain control software to fix the problem.

Ford’s F-Series pickup is the top-selling vehicle in both Canada and United States.

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  1. David Reed says:

    Had a problem with my 2012 F150 ecoboost missing when engine went under a load. Took the truck in for the transmission downshift recall and now I’m get 3 miles to the gallon better millage and the missing is gone. Happy, but what’s up with that?

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