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News   April 23, 2021   by Christine Hogg

Extend Group grants aftermarket one-time access to domain portfolio

In an effort to liberate the automotive aftermarket industry and expand continuous learning opportunities, the Extend Group is granting companies one-time access to acquire their portfolio of training domain names.

The collection spans numerous aftermarket automotive categories including engine parts, powertrain, transmission, and many other part-specific terms. Each domain will have a corresponding link for bidding, but there is no limit to the number of total domains one company can purchase. In fact, depending on the individual needs of the brand, it could be wise to buy more than one for a particular niche.

Why is the Group releasing names?

The goal is to boost industry knowledge, liberate the automotive aftermarket industry, and expand continuous learning opportunities.

“In the late 2000s, Extend Group purchased more than 400 automotive aftermarket training domain names, so we could partner with brands to build out entire categories of training offerings and education opportunities,” said Extend Group CEO, Shawn Collins. “After working with a number of influential aftermarket brands and seeing the impact that these domain names can have, we’ve decided to unlock our portfolio for a short period of time.”

“It all comes down to availability of content. With more training opportunities, automotive technicians and DIYers will have access to the necessary education they need to stay in the know in an ever-changing industry,” said Collins.

“By granting the public access to acquire our domain names, we hope to expand the current offerings of continuous learning in the automotive industry and provide companies with growth opportunities,” Collins continued. “Whether we partner with companies to build out these training platforms or they do it themselves, these customer education platforms can become a tool for nearly any brand.”

How does the process work?

The sale is being facilitated by GoDaddy Auctions. Once a bidder wins on a particular domain, they will have access to an account dashboard where they can make final payment and transfer ownership of the domain name.

From there, the winner has the opportunity to send the domain information to their preferred web development firm or contact Extend Group for a quote on building out the training platform.

To help brands see the value in purchasing one of these aftermarket domain names at auction, Extend Group has also put together a free case study detailing the importance of having a solid domain name and explaining what type of training website they can create once they’ve taken ownership of one.

“We truly want to see brands in this aftermarket industry thrive,” said Collins. “By releasing these domain names, we’re making it easier for anyone in this niche to build their online presence, increase training, and create a following of dedicated mechanics and DIY enthusiasts who truly trust the companies they buy parts from.”

The auction starts immediately and runs through Apr. 26, 2021.

For more information about the auction and to obtain a list of available domain names, visit


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