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National Apprenticeship Conference

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May 24 - May 26, 2020

The National Apprenticeship Conference, organized by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, will be held May 24-26, 2020 at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary, Alta. ┬áThe conference will bring Canada’s apprenticeship community together to highlight promising practices and innovative solutions in apprenticeship training. More than 500 delegates are expected to participate over three days.

The 2020 conference will highlight initiatives, programs, and strategies that help attract and retain top talent.

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  1. Simon Reekes says:

    Until you get the public school system to stop treating skilled trades as a second class job option and promote it correctly you can have all the conferences you want and you will never fix the problem. school is there to funnel people into a job that fits their abilities. students gravitate to subjects that they like and have an knack for. when you do not have any funnels leading to skilled trades in the school system your potential apprentices end up working in a different job sector. The education system needs to realize somebody has to be here to build, fix and maintain everything they use in their life.

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