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News   May 29, 2023   by Adam Malik

EV thermal manager from Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly’s new Battery Coolant EV 200 acts as a thermal manager for electric vehicles. Electric and hybrid vehicles’ lithium-ion batteries function optimally in certain temperature windows, between 15 and 40 degrees Celsius. This helps the vehicle’s range remain at an optimal level.

Depending on the outside climate, the thermal management system will determine whether direct or indirect battery cooling is needed. This indirect system is more complex, but necessary, as the vehicle batteries are becoming increasingly powerful and therefore significantly hotter.

“Thermal management is extremely important, because it has an impact on the range,” says David Kaiser, head of research and development at Liqui Moly. The range of the vehicle depends on its energy consumption. And the temperature affects the service life of the battery and engine.

Indirect cooling requires a special fluid. Liqui Moly’s new coolant ensures that the battery never gets hotter than 60 degrees in summer and that the temperature constantly remains within the ideal range, even in winter.

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