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News   March 3, 2023   by Adam Malik

EV preparation: They won’t all be Teslas

While Tesla dominates the EV marketplace, the aftermarket should be learning and preparing for the influx from other brands

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Electric vehicles do make up a small percentage of the total vehicle car parc. But they’ll soon be here in an almost-tidal wave effect as more players enter the market, according to an industry expert.

Just because EVs aren’t plentiful, “they are coming,” Campau said at AAPEX 2022 “You do need to have a plan for your business and what you’re going to execute as electric vehicles emerge.”

Don’t stress, but be pragmatic in your plans, he advised. “But definitely get your plans moving for electric vehicles because they will be part of your marketplace.”

And they all won’t be Tesla vehicles rolling into your shop. While Tesla has about 71 per cent of the market in the U.S., that number will shrink to about 10 per cent, Campau predicted. Partly because Teslas can be considered a luxury brand — the cost of the Model 3 is in the same neighbourhood as a BMW 3 Series.

“And while they talked about wanting to be a mainstream brand, they behave like they’re a luxury brand,” he pointed out during his presentation, 5 Trends impacting the North American Aftermarket.

But there’s also the fact that new entrants are getting ready to make a splash — not just traditional automakers. “We’re going to see a huge model proliferation on EVs. We’re going from about 26 to over 250 by 2030,” Campau pointed out.

Not all brands will survive. There will be mergers and acquisitions. There will be change within the bigger change that’s taking place. “It’s probably not sustainable at 250 different models.”

Again, Campau stressed it will take time before EVs are a significant part of the car parc. He compared it to light trucks which took 20 years to get to its current market share where they are now three out of every four vehicles sold.

“All of this just to illustrate that, without some form of step to push us to electric vehicles or some sort of a [change] where electric vehicles get so compelling, that we all want to run out biome, it’s going to take time for the fleet to switch over,” he said. “It’s a huge leap.”

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