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News   April 17, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Epicor launches Eagle for the Aftermarket

Epicor has introduced a new version of its popular Epicor Eagle business management solution for automotive parts providers.

Available for implementation on premises or in the cloud, Epicor says Eagle for the Aftermarket software is a powerful, comprehensive solution that can help distributors and jobbers accelerate growth and improve profitability through best-in-class business capabilities.

The latest version of the Eagle solution includes several new or enhanced point-of-sale (POS), inventory, purchasing, and other features designed to help parts businesses save time, increase sales, and deliver a highly differentiated customer experience.

“We’re continually developing and implementing innovative new tools to address the unique demands of the motor vehicle aftermarket,” said Stephen Gannon, automotive business lead for Epicor. “When aftermarket businesses invest in Eagle software, they can be confident they have selected a partner who understands their requirements and has demonstrated its dedication to meet their ever-changing competitive landscape.”

Among the new or enhanced Eagle software features are:

  • Support for multiple barcode scanners enables interchangeable use of up to two OPOS scanners at POS.
  • Support for the Magellan 9800i Barcode/Scale Scanner offering multiplescanning points and an integrated scale.
  • Physical Inventory Posting allows users to finalize records by selecting items in the grid to be processed by Physical Inventory Reporting.
  • PO Detail Viewer features new columns for inventory location codes for up to six stocking locations in the store.
  • Eagle AP Assist Processing Viewer allows users to process non-PO documents, such as utility bills, internet bills and other expenses.
  • Receiving Document Report has added an option to update the Alternate Vendor Cost in the Receiving Document Report.
  • Statement Archive Viewer has added a new Miscellaneous Menu item allowing users to send historical archived documents to customers via email.
  • Customer duplicate discovery and prevention includes new features that will help evaluate and/or prevent duplicate entries when adding new customers in Customer Maintenance and POS Quick Add.
  • Primary customer contact validation allows users to validate a customer’s primary contact information when adding, changing or deleting a contact.
  • Enhanced detection allows users to identify if the credit card processing network goes down and provides options for floor limits if accepting credit cards when using offline point of sale.
  • Support for 10 additional label types via the addition of new printing options.
  • Serial number capture in PO Receiving provides users with the ability to quickly capture serial numbers via scanning or manual entry.
  • Sound customization allows users to select a variety of sounds for scanner results.
  • Document Scanning Queue (DSQ) has added a Lot ID field in the DSQ Acquire function, allowing users to add documents, including required Certificates of Inspection, to specific SKU/Lot records during the receiving process.
  • Log Selection Viewer allows users to view the long descriptions in a dialog box.
  • Customer Import offers the ability to add and update certain cash accounts.

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