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News   February 9, 2018   by Danielle Oswald

Electric car makers taking a blow with lack of lithium

The production of electrical vehicles is at risk of hitting a standstill because of a lack of lithium supplies.   

Electrical vehicle manufacturers did not predict that the higher demand in lithium would cause a problem this early in the process. By the year 2020, the use of electrical vehicles will grow to almost three per cent with around a 10 per cent increase by 2025, according to financial services firm Morgan Stanley.  

Lithium is key in the making of rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles. Over the past few years lithium has been in higher demand and that will continue to grow with no increase in sight for lithium supplies. This could turn into a big problem for the pace of EV production, said a recent report. 

With higher demand in the market, many lithium companies are seeing their share prices rising significantly with more demand for new resources. This could slow down the market even more so and serious strain on EV car makers.   

Market watchers predict that the massive increase in demand brought on by automakers, power storage systems and new applications will create a potential significant shortfall by 2020, according to USA News Group.  

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3 Comments » for Electric car makers taking a blow with lack of lithium
  1. Of course. They can’t make huge profits on gas guzzling cars so they will inflate the market prices for lithium. Should anyone be surprized??

  2. George S says:

    Just watch the switch to rubber bands, then switch again to treadmills and mice, all of which will become limited in supply….

  3. Bill K says:

    I just read today that Apple is considering purchasing cobalt directly from the miners to have a secure supply of material for batteries. If Apple is doing this for cobalt, why aren’t they doing the same thing for Lithium? Yesterday, I read that Toyota was bringing bring Hydrogen Powered vehicles to Quebec. Gasoline for vehicles will likely still be around for quite some time. What we need in Canada is more refineries built, instead of shipping the oil out of the country to be processed, and then brought back in to Canada.

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