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News   March 15, 2022   by Auto Service World Staff

Effective Ways to Make the Landlord Pick You

According to the latest statistics, roughly a third of people rent houses and apartments to live in. It’s a large industry that involves a lot of real estate specialists, property owners, and tenants. Unfortunately, the demand for houses to rent is constantly rising. These days, a lot of people experience a lack of apartments to rent on the market. 


Consequently, landlords have to interview a lot of candidates and pick the best ones. It forces potential tenants to do their best to get picked by landlords. If you don’t want to waste your time and get your offers refused, this post is for you. Scroll down and discover the effective ways to help you get chosen by a landlord as the best tenant.

Dress Up Nicely and Be On Time

The first impression always matters. Therefore, you need to dress up well to present yourself as a great candidate. Note, your outfit can tell a lot about you. There is no need to get an expensive suit or a sparkling outfit. It’s recommended to pick the best clothes from your wardrobe and combine them perfectly to look stylish. Nevertheless, the business style is also a great pick. 


These days, a lot of landlords tend to screen all of the applicants at the same time. A good outfit will help you stand out from the crowd. Also, it will help you present yourself as a person who will be able to keep the apartments in good condition. Most landlords look for tenants who will take care of the rented apartments, so they won’t need to spend money on renovation by the end of the lease period. To succeed, you have to consider the appointment with a landlord similar to meeting the Queen. 


Indeed, you should behave well and be on time. Of course, you have to be polite and not make a landlord wait or hassle with any issues. Also, there is a small trick that may help you achieve the goal. Don’t forget about taking your shoes off before entering the house. It will help a property owner to understand that you are a person who tends to keep your living space tidy. 

Make Sure You Can Pass Background Checks

Since landlords want to pick the best tenants, most don’t trust applicants and perform background checks on the shortlisted candidates. Therefore, if you want to get selected, you need to make sure that you can pass a background check. For starters, it’s recommended to bring any proof that you can afford to pay for rent and cover any additional parking and house maintenance expenses. 


Also, a landlord can check your credit score. In such a case, it’s obligatory to share proof that you have a stable income. Also, it’s recommended to sign a guarantor, who will be able to take care of your bills if you lack money to pay for rent. 

Offer Long-Term Lease

The entire process of finding a place to rent is stressful for tenants. They need to hassle a lot and interview different applicants to get selected. However, it also brings tough times for landlords. They need to spend a lot of time and effort examining all the candidates. It’s hard to choose the ones who will pay rent on time and keep apartments in good condition. Ideally, a perfect tenant has to live in a rented house for several years. It helps both parties to get rid of stress for a long time.


Therefore, landlords usually disregard applicants who need to rent a house for short periods. They don’t want to rent an apartment and begin a new application selection process in a few months. Therefore, you can get a great advantage over other applicants by offering a long-term lease. It will increase your chances of being picked significantly. 

Don’t Lie To a Landlord

Sometimes, applicants cheat on landlords, striving to increase their chances of getting selected. It’s an unfair tactic that can lead to bad outcomes for both parties. If you’re a student, don’t be shy about telling them that you best argumentative essay writing service and delegate your assignments to work full-time. It will help a landlord understand that you’re a responsible person who won’t get your bills overdue. But when you are so busy read and relax dorm room workouts


In case you have pets, don’t hide this fact. When your lies get revealed, your lease agreement may be canceled. Moreover, you will get negative feedback from a landlord, which will make it harder to find a new place to rent. Having a dog or cat, feel free to tell the landlord about your pet. Offer to appoint a pet interview to let a property owner examine the behavior of your pup, cat, or cockatoo.