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News   November 16, 2017   by Adam Malik

Delphi wants techs to ‘Clean the Tank’

When it comes time to install a new fuel pump, Delphi is launching a new initiative to ensure technicians and do-it-yourselfers are taking the time to clean the vehicle’s gas tank first.

Issues around fuel pumps are typically linked to debris or contamination that has accumulated over time, Delphi said. Strainers can be clogged by fine particulates, causing high electric demand on the fuel pump. This can lead to premature wear in the pumping section.

Since a vehicle’s original fuel pump was installed into a clean tank, it should be the same when done by technicians. Delphi cited a study that showed only 18 per cent of technicians actually undertake the proper procedure of cleaning the fuel tank, fuel filler and strainer, if required. That leaves a significant amount of aftermarket fuel pump being installed into potentially contaminated tanks.

As part of its Clean the Tank program, the company is offering a new fuel tank cleaning kit to allow technicians to clean tanks efficiently and effectively. The kit includes cleaning solution, gloves and a lint-free cloth.


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  1. steve doan says:

    yes I agree that fuel tanks need to be cleaned.when an estimate is given to the customer about fuel pump replacement cleaning the tank should also be explained to the customer why it is so important.also the garage needs to pay us tech.the time to clean a tank .

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