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News   October 17, 2022   by Adam Malik

Control arm connected adapter set from OTC

OTC announced that it has released the new CA6636-HCB Honda Control Arm Connected Adapter set for the CA7149, CA6630, and CA6636 kits.

The set of six connected adapters are designed for Honda and Acura control arm bushing removal and installation. The adapter shapes and sizes leave technicians with a variety of options in pressing out lower control arm bushings in Hondas and Acuras, while connected adapters lock into C-frame for one-handed setup, ensuring the adapters won’t fall on the shop floor.

The CA6636-HCB is compatible with other OTC kits, including the CA7149, CA6630, and the CA6636. The kit contains the CA29503 connected adaptor, along with five different sizes of the Honda Control Arm Bushing Adapter, allowing technicians to service nine different models of the vehicles from numerous years.

Its applications include: 2003-2012 Honda Accord; 2004-2014 Acura TSX; 2001-2015 Honda Civic; 2006-2011 Acura CSX; 2016-2018 Acura ILX; 2003-2011 Honda Element; 2001-2005 Honda EL; 2002-2006 Honda CRV; 2002-2006 Acura RSX.

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