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News   May 14, 2018   by Danielle Oswald

Continental launches new cloud-based crimper controller

Continental has introduced its new crimper controller for distributers and customers in the hydraulic and industrial hose markets.

The controller is designed to provide remote maintenance and updates, is used with crimping hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies, and saves customers time and money with its cloud-based technology.

The CrimplQ controller will be available on production crimpers; PC200, PC400, PC440, PC600, PC1000 and PC1200.

“This new, exclusive crimping technology will enable Continental to provide the customer with instantaneous updates to the crimper thereby reducing costly downtime and offering a new level of enhanced efficiency, safety, quality and speed to our customers operations,” said Andreas Gerstenberger, head of the Industrial Fluid Solutions global business unit.

“CrimpIQ controller is the next step for Continental, our distributors and customers to become true system and solution partners for hose assembly related services. We believe that the CrimpIQ controller will do the same thing for the hose industry as the smart phone did to enhance our connectivity in our daily lives,” added Gestenberger.