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News   October 10, 2023   by Adam Malik

Company looking into wireless EV charging

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Quebec City-based EV charging company Flo announced it is working to advance wireless charging technologies for electric vehicles.

It is working with Massachusetts-based WiTricity and Germany-based Hubject, to test and advance wireless charging as well as plug and charge capabilities.

“FLO is dedicated to advancing EV charging innovations that make charging more efficient, easier and safer,” said Nathan Yang, Flo’s chief product officer. “Working with leading partner companies allows us to develop and deliver the latest technologies to EV drivers with the mission to provide the best charging experience.”

With WiTricity, Flo is testing wireless EV charging technology. This would allow for Flo stations to charge vehicles without cables using the WiTricity Halo EV charging system.

WiTricity specializes in wireless charging for electric vehicles, across passenger and commercial units.

“FLO is committed to support all types of connectors available on vehicles in North America, including NACS and potentially wireless on future vehicles,” said Yang. “This collaboration is an important first step towards this new technology.”

Meanwhile, Flo is working with Hubject to enable ‘plug and charge,’ which allows EV drivers to plug in and begin charging without using an app, RFID card or separate method of payment. Hubject and FLO will work on encryption technology to ensure all transactions are both seamless and secure.

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