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News   August 8, 2022   by Auto Service World Staff

Common Jeep Warning Lights

In the past, Jeeps used to be basic, rugged vehicles that relied on the good senses of the driver to detect what was wrong with the vehicle. However, today, the Jeep has grown into a modern automobile with all the electronics and luxuries you would expect in a luxury sedan. Check here the towing capacity of the Jeep Wrangler.

One look at the odometer is enough to know that this vehicle is loaded with numerous electronic systems and a very intelligent onboard computer. If you haven’t already understood the indicators, here are some of the most common ones that you should be aware of.

Oil Light

The engine oil check light is one of the most important. When the engine oil is too low, the light will turn on. Ideally, you should be getting the oil changed at regular intervals but sometimes you forget, or something else causes the oil level to drop. The light is there to remind you. The oil is what helps all the engine parts stay lubricated and prevents them from getting worn out too fast. If the engine oil light ever comes on, make sure you don’t delay taking care of it since it could seriously harm the engine.

High Beam Control

When you are driving in very dark conditions, without street lights, or in a tree-dense area, using the high beams is a good idea. However, if you get onto a highway or even a street, the high beams can blind the oncoming traffic. If you have additional lights installed then you should look at the full list of Jeep warning lights to see exactly which lights are indicated on your odometer. The high beam control is there to remind you that the high beams are on as it is very easy to get used to the amount of light your car is generating.

ABS Warning

Nearly all modern vehicles come with ABS braking as a standard and this is a basic feature you will find on all Jeep models. The ABS warning light can come on due to a malfunction in the ABS system or it might be on because you manually turned the system off. It could also be on if the brake fluid level is too low. The brakes are a very important part of the vehicle and this is also something that shouldn’t be delayed at all.

Transaxle Warning

Jeeps use an advanced drivetrain system where the automatic transmission is connected to an axle that links directly to the differential. In a 4×4 situation, where you have multiple differentials, this could be referring to any differential or any axle. This could also be indicating a range of problems so it is highly recommended that you do not drive the vehicle if this light is on. This could seriously damage the drivetrain.  

Every Jeep comes with its own different options and the kind of warning lights you see on your odometer will depend on the specific features your vehicle has. If you have just bought your vehicle then it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different features and understand what they all do. The warning lights nearly always either light up if there is a problem or if an important system has been turned off.







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