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Hybrid and Electric Technologies Compete With Cheap Gas
February 19, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

  The Automotive Science Group has released its 2016 Automotive Performance Index study findings , highlighting the stark differences in performance merits that differentiate conventional and alternatively powered cars and SUVs in 2016. According to the study, hybrid vehicles, plug-in

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U.S. Copyright Office Urged To Allow Aftermarket Access To Software-Enabled Vehicle Technology 
February 17, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

  The U.S. Copyright Office should protect consumer choice by allowing the independent aftermarket greater access to software-enabled components and parts, say the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and the Motor & Equipment Remanufacturers Association (MERA), the light vehicle aftermarket

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German Carmakers Recall U.S. Vehicles Over Airbags
February 17, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

  German automakers Daimler and Volkswagen are recalling 1.5 million cars and vans to replace Takata airbags that may be defective. It is the latest is a series of recalls prompted by concerns about Takata (TKTDY)’s airbags. Millions of cars have been

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Jerry Seinfeld To Sell 18 Rare Porsches and VWs
February 12, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

Comedian and well-known Porsche fanatic Jerry Seinfeld gave the classic car world a shock when Gooding & Company announced it would auction off a few rare cars from Seinfeld’s extensive Porsche collection. Now, however, the number has swelled considerably — from three

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MEMA Speaks Out for Regional Parts Suppliers on Trans-Pacific Partnership 
January 27, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

    The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) has expressed its support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but has asked the Obama administration and Congress to address long-term protections for medium to small motor vehicle parts suppliers as part

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Tesla Sues German Auto Parts Maker Over Model X Door Delays
January 23, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

    Tesla Motors Inc. filed a federal lawsuit against a German auto parts maker for allegedly misrepresenting its ability to design the signature “falcon wing” doors on its Model X electric sport-utility vehicle, leading to a last-minute change to

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Google’s Own Robot Car “Disengagement” Report Shows Need For Driver Behind Wheel
January 13, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

  Google’s just-released report detailing when human drivers took control of a self-driving robot car underscores the need for a driver behind a steering wheel of a self-driving car, Consumer Watchdog said today. The non-partisan, non-profit public interest group also

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Motor vehicles and auto parts lead increase in exports
January 7, 2016 by Allan Janssen

A significant increase in the export of motor vehicles and automotive parts in November helped narrow Canada’s international merchandise trade deficit. Statistics Canada reported yesterday that Canada’s imports decreased 0.7% in November and exports increased 0.4%. Import volumes declined 1.6%

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China may allow car dealers to sell multiple brands
January 6, 2016 by Allan Janssen

Reuters says China is considering easing restrictions on auto dealers, potentially allowing dealerships to sell rival brands. It’s a move that officials hope will boost car retailer competitiveness as the country’s economy slows. According to draft rules posted by the