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A Sharp Focus On Key Issues
January 1, 2000 by Gary Kenez

It’s a safe bet that despite all the doomsday prognostications, the vast majority of us have made it safely to the fresh New Year 2000.At SSGM, we have prepared a series of bright, new editorial featu…

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Electrical Troubleshooting Tips
January 1, 2000 by CARS Magazine

No startPossible Corrosion at starter solenoidThis affects Ford Taurus 1992-95 Thunderbird 1992-95 Windstar 1995 Lincoln Continental 1992-94 Mercury Cougar 1992-95 Mercury Sable 1992-95Ford sugg…

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Web Watch is a brief monthly explanation and description of web sites worth looking at for auto service professionals.
January 1, 2000 by Susan Iorfida

ADMS, Inc. is a network dedicated to professional automotive technicians. Visiting this web site allows users to participate in technical discussion groups, shopping networks, classified ads, free bus…

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Danger Signals
January 1, 2000 by Robert Wm. Greenwood

Watch for these signs of business trouble, which should set off alarm bells. The business you save could be your own.With the holiday season behind us, this can be a good time to take stock of your ov…

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Batteries are changing as power demands increase
January 1, 2000 by CARS Magazine

More this, more that, and by the way, more power, in less space, and lighter, too. That in a nutshell, is the future for automotive batteries, at this point in time, at least.One of the emerging devel…

Distinction and a high level of proficiency characterize the career performance of Craig Cook. A top-flight, 29-year-old automotive technician who was born and raised in Scotland, near Edinburgh, Cook earned his certification at the highly demanding City and Guild Institute in London, England, after a lengthy apprenticeship which began when he was 16 years old. In Canada, he successfully earned Class A certification, then went on to meet the rigorous demands of several levels of ASE certification, including electronics, electrical, engine performance and advanced engine diagnostics. Cook was also one of less than 10 per cent who wrote and passed the first - and highly demanding - test given to 1,000 technicians trying to qualify as certified emission  diagnostics and repair specialists for the Drive Clean program in Ontario.  He presently works in Burlington, at Oakville Tire.
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Unraveling a no-start
January 1, 2000 by Craig Cook

After a recent conversation with a friend regarding a problem he had with a Ford Aerostar Ignition System, it brought back some memories of a problem I had a few years ago.A 1992 4.0L Ford Aerostar ca…

Technicians Jennifer Tomas and Martin Smith presenting their case to the standing committee on finance in Ottawa.
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News Briefs (January 01, 2000)
January 1, 2000 by CARS Magazine

MACs Convention HighlightsThe Mobile Air Conditioning Society held its annual convention and trade show Jan. 18 to Jan.20 in Las Vegas. Highlights of the MACS event, directed specifically at shop owne…

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Former shop owner killed while on vacation in Mexican
December 30, 1899 by CARS Magazine

67-year-old Robin Wood was the former owner of Beddis Road Garage on British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island. He was killed during a robbery at the holiday home of a friend in Melaque, Mexico.