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News   February 24, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Category Focus: Wheel Service

Quick Tread Edge with release of WinAlign 16.1

Hunter Engineering’s next-generation drive-over tread depth measuring tool, Quick Tread Edge is now available with Hunter’s latest release of WinAlign 16.1.

With Quick Tread Edge, service providers can maximize tire sales and provide customers with informative, in-depth inspection results.

Paired with Quick Check Drive, Hunter’s touchless alignment inspection system, automatic alignment and tire readings are captured in seconds. The system can cycle passenger-car vehicles through every 3-5 seconds.

In addition to supporting shops using Quick Tread Edge, Hunter’s latest WinAlign update now offers support for customers in ADAS service who would like to integrate their Hunter aligner with Autel’s Aftermarket ADAS Kit. This integration reduces time to position an aftermarket ADAS fixture by 50 percent or more. Learn more about positioning aftermarket ADAS fixtures with Hunter aligners HERE.

Hunter Engineering Company is the global leader in alignment systems, wheel and tire service, brake service and inspection lane equipment. Hunter equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and service facilities around the world.

Wheel Alignment System

The new Hofmann geoliner 678 Wheel Alignment System is the newest addition to the Hofmann imaging alignment family.

“Advanced technology, combined with intuitive software, gives any alignment technician the tools they need for an easy and fast alignment,” said Adam Brown, director of product management for Hofmann. “The Hofmann geoliner 678 has all that and more. It is easy to use and provides complete and accurate alignment readings quickly and efficiently.”

Simple to navigate, the geoliner 678 completes the entire alignment process efficiently with minimal steps, allowing shops to conduct more alignments per day. Advanced productivity-enhancing features of the geoliner 678 include:

  • Automatic tracking, which follows the vehicle when it raised and lowered, reducing time spent at the console.
  • Video-speed camera feature that allows for fast compensation, lessening wait time.
  • Live readings so there is no need to re-measure.

The new Hofmann geoliner 678 also includes such intelligent software tools as EZ-TOE for electric power steering, which allows adjustment of the critical front individual toe without locking the steering column, resulting in a level steering wheel every alignment. Other innovative software features include rolling radius that examines for mismatched tire sizes, cross diagonal that checks for vehicle structural damage and adjustment assistance that shows where adjustments need to be made on the vehicle.

When connected to the internet, the geoliner 678 can quickly access vehicle specifications and OEM repair procedures for ADAS repairs as well as provide fast and easy software and vehicle specification updates. The new online report management capability allows shop aligner reports to be printed, emailed or texted from anywhere, improving shop efficiency and customer service.


Wheel Aligners

The John Bean family of wheel aligners has a new look. In addition to a new sharp appearance, John Bean wheel aligners continue to provide the productivity-enhancing features and innovative technology that set them apart in the marketplace.

John Bean wheel aligners, including the V3300, V2380 and V2280, provide shops with outstanding performance at an exceptional value, each offering distinct advantages for shops seeking to increase their wheel alignment business.

The John Bean V3300 is the fast and flexible way to rev up alignment revenue. Designed from the ground up to provide the fastest possible, error-free alignments, the V3300 features a next-generation user interface and provides intelligent predictive alignment flow for high-volume customers. In addition, video speed cameras constantly monitor the alignment and provide critical information to get the job done right the first time.

The John Bean V2380 is designed for volume workshops that need an independent beam and cabinet for mobility and more installation flexibility. It provides superior performance and does not require extensive training or experience to operate. With the latest XD target and camera system, the V2380 features advanced technology, combined with the simplest, most intuitive software ever offered, providing the essential tools for any alignment tech.

The John Bean V2280 offers shops complete performance at an affordable price. Easy to use, fast to setup and flexible installation, the V2280 supplies core alignment readings to service technicians quickly and efficiently.

New productivity enhancing features for these aligners include online connectivity that when connected to the internet, the aligners can quickly access vehicle specifications and OEM repair procedures for ADAS repairs as well as provide fast and easy software and vehicle specification updates. In addition, the new online report management feature allows shop aligner reports to be printed, emailed or texted from anywhere, improving shop efficiency and customer service.

“In addition to sporting a new look, these redesigned aligners provide the innovative technology and ease of use that that our customers have come to expect from John Bean,” said Adam Brown, director of product management for John Bean. “For shops looking to move their alignment business in a new positive direction, these three aligners offer the superior productivity, time-saving efficiency and added flexibility required to improve the bottom line.”


Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket has introduced a new VDO REDI-Sensor Multi-Application TPMS Sensor to the REDI-Sensor line that substantially expands total coverage to over 120 million VIO. Coverage includes Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, GMC, Hyundai, Jeep, Nissan, RAM, and Subaru applications model year 2014 and newer. With the new SE10005 added to the REDI-Sensor line, shops will be able to replace over 280 OE sensors.

Designed to follow OE vehicle relearn procedures, the REDI-Sensor SE10005 is compatible with all major scan tools and is ready to install right out of the box, with no need for programming or cloning.

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket is a leading aftermarket supplier of OE-engineered parts for HVAC and engine cooling, door systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, engine management, fuel systems and instrumentation, automotive diagnostic systems, premium wiper blades, and brake system parts and fluid.


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