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News   April 20, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Category Focus: Wheel Equipment

In this week's Auto Service World Category Focus, we look at recent announcements in the automotive wheel equipment space.

Recently released products in the wheel equipment space include an electronic tire inflator from PCL;  a new Wheel Alignment System from John Bean; a new integration for Hunter’s HawkEye Elite aligner; and a new swing-arm tire changer from Hofmann.

Welcome to Auto Service World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers, and distributors.


Swing arm tire changer

The new Hofmann monty 1675 Swing Arm Tire Changer features a compact and ergonomic design, as well as the patented smartSpeed technology which minimizes risk of damage to tires. Precision-cast and machined shoes with strong cast jaws make for precise, slop-free clamping. The heavy-duty pneumatic valves are simple to operate and offer intuitive functionality. And a powerful electric motor generates 1,200 Newton/meters of torque to the table top to mount stiff, difficult tires. A newly designed bead breaker control that is simple to operate and prevents the technician from having to straddle the assembly during bead breaking.


HawkEye Elite aligner

Shops performing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) service can now integrate their HawkEye Elite aligner with Autel’s MaxiSys ADAS Aftermarket ADAS Calibration Kit to perform faster ADAS calibrations through a new camera kit by Hunter. This new, steamlined process, reduces time to position an aftermarket ADAS fixture by 50 percent or more.

Cameras from Hunter’s kit can be attached to the crossbar of an Autel MaxiSys ADAS fixture and connected to a HawkEye Elite aligner. After necessary adjustments, ADAS calibration can be completed with an Autel MaxiSys ADAS diagnostic scan tool in minutes.

“I’m excited to introduce this new feature to assist Hunter and Autel’s customers with performing required ADAS Calibrations,” said Kaleb Silver,  director of product management – systems technology. “Proper wheel alignment is a key first step to any ADAS Calibration, and as more vehicles add ADAS features, services like this will become more common.”

ADAS calibration is required per original equipment manafacturers (OEMs) following various events, including wheel alignment, part replacement, collision and more. Hunter’s latest camera kit in conjunction with a HawkEye Elite aligner and Autel MaxiSys ADAS Aftermarket kit, better prepare customers in ADAS service to perform quick and accurate resets.

Learn more about positioning aftermarket ADAS fixtures with Hunter aligners HERE .


Wheel Alignment System

Performing fast, accurate, quality alignments doesn’t have to be a big investment anymore with the new, affordable John Bean V2000 Imaging Wheel Alignment System, according to Adam Brown, director of product management for John Bean.

“We saw a need in the market for an affordable, high-functioning wheel alignment system to help shops keep their wheel alignment business in house and we quickly responded by introducing the John Bean V2000 Imaging Wheel Alignment System,” said Brown. “We used our innovative, patented camera technology to develop a unique configuration of our imaging alignment system that replaces the traditional PC and cabinet aligner with a simple tablet and fixed beam configuration. This creates an exclusive solution that combines uncompromised performance and reliability, as well as compact installation, at a low price.”

The John Bean V2000 is an economical aligner that provides uncompromised ease of use and confidence to general repair shops. Unlike traditional aligners with legacy technology and limited functionality, the John Bean V2000 offers customers the full-imaging experience, including 3-D vehicle measurements such as fast rolling run-out compensation and full vehicle dimensions, and the V2000 is less dependent on lift calibration, at an affordable price.


Electronic tire inflator

PCL USA has launched the new Accura MK4 Digital Tire Inflator Gauge, designed for indoor and outdoor applications for the North American market.

Joining PCL’s lineup of MK4 products, the Accura MK4 is an upgraded version of the company’s analogue AirForce MK4 tire inflator.

According to PCL USA, the Accura MK4 combines the robustness of an analogue inflator with the lightness, ease of use, and accuracy of a digital inflator. The all-environment, electronic inflator can be used on both light- and heavy duty applications.

Despite its sturdy design, the Accura MK4 is the lightest metal bodied digital inflator on the market, ergonomically designed for user comfort. It is easy to read at night or in dimly light areas.

Users can easily toggle between different pressure calibration units (psi, bar, kPa). The selectable units of pressure reading, coupled with high-performance inflation and deflation rates, make it very versatile.

PCL says the Accura MK4 is built with the modern shop owner in mind, with a wide range of characteristics that add up to ease of use, safety and cost-savings.

PCL designs and manufactures tire inflation and compressed air products for industrial, petrol forecourt, and the automotive markets.



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