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News   March 25, 2019   by Allan Janssen

CATEGORY FOCUS: Transmissions

Welcome to AutoService World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers and distributors.

Recently released products in the transmission space include a new telescopic transmission Jack from Snap-on Tools, transmission fluid and gear oil from Hot Shot’s Secret, a transmission fluid service kit from CRP Automotive, and a universal transmission adapter from OTC.

Welcome to AutoService World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers and distributors.


Universal adapter

The new 1870 Universal Transmission Adapter from OTC Tools has independently adjustable and indexing arms that can adapt to nearly any transmission shape. The transmission adapter will fit most high-lift transmission jacks and has a maximum capacity of 400 lbs. The adapter meets or exceeds the current ASME PASE standards for portable automotive service equipment.


Fluid service kits

CRP Automotive now offers Pentosin Transmission Fluid Service Kits to help improve the lifespan and performance of the transmissions on popular European vehicles. The Pentosin Transmission Fluid Service Kits include OE-approved Pentosin transmission fluid and Rein Automotive Oil Pan with Oil Filter, Rein Sealing Sleeve, and Rein Installation Bolts.

Applications for Pentosin Transmission Service Kits (part numbers 1058206-KIT-4 and 1058206-KIT-5) include popular BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Rolls Royce models.

The Pentosin Transmission Fluid Service Kits were designed to simplify transmission service and extend the life of vehicles.

Pentosin ATF-1 is a long-life fully synthetic high-performance automatic transmission fluid designed for lifetime application in automatic gear boxes and covers of 16 million VIO in North America. The kit includes all of the required parts necessary to complete a transmission service on European vehicles, so technicians will only need to order a single part number to complete the job, saving both time and money.

Pentosin is well known as a leading innovator and manufacturer of high-tech automotive fluids for Asian and European vehicles. Pentosin is approved and recommended for use as both initial fill (OEM) and service refill by over 30 international automotive manufacturers.


Transmission Fluid and Gear Oil

Hot Shot’s Secret has broadened its Adrenaline Racing product line to include Adrenaline Racing Transmission Fluids (available in Multi-Vehicle ATF and Nano Shift) and Adrenaline Racing Gear Oils (available in R9, R11 and R14). Both the new transmission oils and gear oils were developed to improve protection and performance for high-load, high-torque race applications.

Adrenaline Racing Gear Oil is said to lower operating temperature, reduce wear and shearing, and improve oxidation stability. It is available in three viscosities: Adrenaline R9 (75W-90), Adrenaline R11 (80W – 110) and Adrenaline R14 (85W-140). Adrenaline R9, R11 and R14 Gear Oils are all based on 100% Group IV polyalphaolefins (PAO) and high-quality Group V synthetic oils infused with FR3 nano technology to reduce wear and shearing. This patented formula provides a boundary layer of protection that improves film strength, improves thermal stability and reduces friction for added protection against varnish and sludge deposits; while allowing for extended drain intervals.

Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Transmission Fluids, ATF and NS, are for use in automatic transmissions coupled with high horsepower, high torque engines where heavy loads place a greater demand on transmissions. With increased oxidation resistance, improved thermal stability deposit and sludge prevention, Adrenaline ATF and NS improves horsepower up to 3% and protects against wear under extreme heat with longer drain intervals. Added thermal stability assists energy efficiency for improved shifting response. Both racing transmission fluids are 100% Group IV PAO synthetic fluids infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s patented FR3 nano technology and a specially formulated additive package. FR3 is a friction reducer with oxidative benefits that delivers long lasting wear protection under extreme pressure. The extreme pressure additive package removes varnish and sludge for maximum wear protection of clutches, bearings and bushings under extreme pressure. Adrenaline NS is formulated for high horsepower racing applications that require Ford Type F fluid, Allison C-4 fluid or extreme horsepower levels, while the Adrenaline ATF meets the high-performance requirements of numerous applications including Dexron VI, Mercon and more.


Telescopic Transmission Jacks

Engineered with ease of use in mind, the new Snap-on 1/2 Ton Telescopic Hydraulic (TJ100) and Air/Hydraulic (TJA100) Transmission Jacks feature saddles with multi-position, adjustable ratcheting arms to fit any configuration of FWD, RWD and four-wheel drive transfer cases.

“These innovative Snap-on designs eliminate the need to create non-traditional means to support irregular transmission pans,” said Michael T. DeKeuster, a Snap-on Tools product manager. “The unique ratcheting arms on the TJ100 and TJA100 fit any configuration with ease and precision, making these products unmatched for helping technicians remove and install transmissions and transfer cases, while ensuring safer, controlled transport.”

The TJ100 has a manual, two-stage lifting operation using hands-free foot pedals, while the TJA100 couples an air-assisted, dual hydraulic ram first-stage lifting operation with a manually-operated second stage via hand crank. With a 75″ maximum height for unparalleled access and a 35″ minimum height for easier transmission movement from the jack to the worktable, both transmission jacks offer a wide range of motion and utilize ball-bearing thrust washers on the saddle tilt adjusters for ease of turning.

The heavy-duty 36″ bases also feature four five-inch polyurethane swivel casters, two in locking style, for easy maneuverability. In addition, the jacks are equipped with special, high-performance hydraulic oil for extreme temperatures and reduced wear, premium seals on pumps and ram pistons for a longer tool life, and a cam buckle tie-down strap to secure the load. Each is compliant with the most recent safety standards put forth for ASME-PASE 2014.



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