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News   June 16, 2020   by Allan Janssen

CATEGORY FOCUS: Specialty tools

Recently released products in the specialty tool space.

Recently released products in the specialty tool space include a ball joint adapter set from Matco; specialty Ford tools from OTC; new ratchet and socket sets from Milwaukee; and a uni-puller set from Mueller-Kueps.

Welcome to Auto Service World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers, and distributors.

Uni Puller Set

This comprehensive kit provides you with multiple ways to remove bushings, seals, sleeves, bearings, bearing races, pressed-in studs and more. There is no other kit like it currently on the market. Included is the Small Slide Hammer (#600 121) which features a 2.5 LB weight.

This slide hammer can be used two ways. It gives you the option to place the handle sideways which allows you to use the hammer in narrow areas. Also included in the kit are two sets of jaws these let you pull out a bearing internally or externally. It features a puller hook for seals, a pressed-in stud puller adapter, an injector adapter which fits most common size of M14 X 1.5, and split collet extractors. Use the split collet extractors when you do not have a lot of space behind a bearing (blind holes). Reduce the need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment with this unique set.

Ratchet and Socket sets

Milwaukee Tool will soon offer three ratchet and socket sets in PACKOUT Low-Profile Organizers; fully compatible with the PACKOUT Modular Storage System for easy storage.

The sockets feature the versatile FOUR FLAT Sides, which are anti-roll and wrench-ready. All sockets are engraved with sizing for lasting readability. The ratchet in all of Milwaukee’s ratchet and socket sets is designed with a slim profile head and 90 teeth delivering 4° of arc swing for better access in tight spaces.

For users that already have Milwaukee Ratchet and Socket Sets, individual trays will be available to convert them to a PACKOUT Organizer.

These sets and trays come with a lifetime guarantee.


Ford/Lincoln/Mercury tools

OTC has announced that it is expanding its specialty tools portfolio to better serve Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles with five new products. These tools will allow technicians better servicing capabilities for the nation’s most popular vehicles, increasing efficiency for technicians and saving customers time during repairs.

6879 Locknut Pin Remover — The OTC Locknut Pin Remover allows technicians to quickly and easily remove a locknut roll pin by simply threading the tip into the roll pin and using the slide hammer to pull the pin out. The new tool is compatible with locknut roll pins on 2009 and later select Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles.

6883 Pinion Flange Holding Tool —The OTC Pinion Flange Holding Tool offers a universal design and 1/2” square drive opening in the handle for extra leverage that fit flange bolt centerlines up to 2-5/8”. The tool fits most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury drive pinion flanges. Each tool purchase includes 5/16” and 3/8” bolts, nuts and washers.

6884 Crankshaft Rear Seal Wear Ring Remover — The OTC Crankshaft Rear Seal Wear Ring Remover removes the rear seal and wear ring from the crankshaft, offering damage control to a vehicle’s injector wiring harness.

6886 Crankshaft Front Seal and Wear Ring Remover — The OTC Crankshaft Front Seal and Wear Ring Remover removes the front seal and wear ring from the crankshaft to allow for better prevention of engine damage.

6889 Crankshaft Front Seal and Wear Ring Installer — Designed to eliminate lip flare on the wear sleeve and install the seal properly, the OTC Crankshaft Front Seal and Wear Ring Installer installs the front seal and wear ring on the crankshaft.

Ball joint connected adapter kit

The new Matco BJPXR9 Ball Joint Connected Adapter Kit covers 29 percent more vehicle models than competitive kits, with fewer adapters. The patent-pending secure-click C-frame holds adapters, cups and ball joints securely, making it easier to setup, remove and install ball joints. Made by OTC, the Matco BJPXR9 is maintenance-free, with no O-rings or split rings to lose or replace, while holding cups and adapters throughout ball joint service. An additional 18 adapters are available, covering 43 percent more vehicle models than competitors.

Exclusive to Matco, the BJPXR9 ball joint connected adapter kit is fully compatible with ball joint cups and adapters from most Matco and OTC ball joint kits, including MST6529, MBJA20, LUBJP, BJP7025C and MST6539 kits. The C-frame can also be used on U-joints, wheel studs and heavy-duty wheel studs, and is compatible with applicable Matco and OTC kits.

The BJPXR9 starter kit includes 9 cups and adapters for use on 235+ vehicle models. The additional 18 adapters, available individually, cover 375+ vehicle models. A 17-page application manual includes vehicle application by year, make, model and adapters needed for both removal and installation.

The Matco BJPXR9 boasts an extra-large 9” x 2-3/4” C-frame for use on cars, trucks and SUVs from a Honda Civic up to an F-550. At only 10.4 lbs., the C-frame is easier to handle and setup for less fatigue. Its forcing screw is impact-rated with an integrated striking cap for hammer blows, to help shock a ball joint during removal or installation.

Matco’s BJPXR9 Ball Joint Connected Adapter Starter Kit and 18 additional adapters are available now through Matco dealers and only.

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