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News   September 3, 2019   by Allan Janssen

CATEGORY FOCUS: Shop software

Recently released products in the shop software space include ADS software updates from Bosch, new digital inspection equipment from Hunter; a mobile vehicle inspection solution from Mitchell 1;and new enterprise management software from Epicor.

Welcome to Auto Service World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers, and distributors.


Aftermarket software

New software version implements an enhanced download process, allows for dynamic POS procedures, adds service opportunities, and more

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, has announced the release of the latest version of Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket business management software for leading automotive parts distributors and jobbers. The powerful business growth solution––designed to help parts distributors and jobbers of automotive and commercial vehicle replacement parts increase productivity and profitability––has been updated with dozens of additional features.

“Parts distributors and jobbers are faced with more and more time constraints, and having a software solution that is easy to upgrade is critical. We’ve built in powerful new capabilities in this release that are immediately accessible––thanks to the streamlined download process,” said Scott Thompson, senior vice president, automotive and business services, Epicor. “We’re continuing to demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers ‘Grow Beyond’ their current business model by adding features like the ability to implement and build complex promotions or dealer loyalty programs, process pro-rated returns, and increase their service offering through customizable service and repair categorization.”

Among the new capabilities available through the latest Eagle for the Aftermarket software update are improvements at the point of sale (POS), in purchasing, receiving and in other areas. The latest Eagle software release was designed to help motor vehicle replacement parts businesses apply the latest best practices, including establishing and running tiered or complex parts promotional programs or the ability to process pro-rated returns. The pro-rated returns feature prevents consumers from returning goods for the full purchase price when purchased at a discounted rate and tied to a larger sale. Eagle software users also will find the ability to implement loyalty and rewards programs based on buying frequency and other sale characteristics.

Eagle for the Aftermarket software now offers users extensive, customizable service and repair segmentation. Customers with service and repair departments can define up to 46 repair types to segment from when creating service orders and POS viewers. Each repair type includes its own set of equipment descriptions and information prompts while allowing users to indicate whether certain prompts require an answer. Users also can specify the department containing pre-defined repair packages created for each repair type.

Among its added features, the software improves vendor payment processing by allowing users to pay vendors through electronic bank transfers. Epicor Eagle software users also will be able to debit steer to reduce credit card processing fees by prompting customers to use a pin-based debit card for transactions above a specified dollar amount.

Fraud detection also has been improved through the use of the enhanced Voided Items Viewer tool. Accessible from the Eagle software browser, the viewer displays voided items based on date range, specific customers, parts, and sales clerks. Users can search for parts added and then voided on completed sales and credit memos; parts added and then voided on a suspended sale; parts on transactions created when using training mode; and more. Because the information is mapped in the Epicor Compass tool, users can choose to share it with a third-party loss prevention company.

Mobile Vehicle Inspection Solution

Mitchell 1 has announced the introduction of ProSpect, a mobile vehicle inspection and check-in application integrated with the Manager SE shop management software that offers the option to take the system beyond the walls of the auto repair shop to start the vehicle intake and inspection processes right at the vehicle.

ProSpect is accessed on a mobile phone or tablet device and streamlines the customer greeting and vehicle inspection processes by allowing service writers to decode the VIN (or license plate to VIN), conduct multi-point inspections and write an estimate or repair order before the customer even steps into the shop.

“We are delighted to introduce ProSpect to help shops increase efficiency and consistency in digital visual inspections. The elegance is in its simplicity – it is so easy and intuitive to use. Shops can initiate the repair process more efficiently and also make a first great impression by demonstrating professionalism right from the very start,” said Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1. “This is another way Mitchell 1 is fulfilling its mission to drive efficiencies into shop processes and help simplify everyday tasks for automotive professionals.”

The user-friendly design makes it easy to find a customer or enter a new customer into the system, then add jobs and perform digital visual inspections with notes and photos, and have those inspections available on the familiar Manager SE work order screen in the office.

If the customer is returning for service, the system instantly matches the VIN to their vehicle history, accelerating the check-in process. If the customer is new, the service writer just clicks to enter the vehicle into the shop’s database to get the job started.

ProSpect offers fully wireless functionality and seamless integration with Manager SE. Once the vehicle is identified or entered, it is easy to conduct the multipoint inspection, including tires. Users can record before and after tire pressure and when the tread depth is entered, the system will determine the health of the tire based on rules the shop can set. Service writers can also look up appointments, apply canned jobs related to vehicle issues found, document the vehicle diagnosis with photos and write an estimate or repair order right at the vehicle.

The Manager SE shop management system helps mechanical auto repair shops streamline workflow from estimate to invoice. With the largest choice of electronic parts catalogs, including tires, an interactive work-in-progress dashboard and over 190 integrated reports, Manager SE provides a 360-degree view of the entire operation so shops can manage every aspect of their business more efficiently and profitably.

Digital inspection equipment

Hunter’s new performance-driven tool, Push Reports, is now available for shops with Hunter inspection equipment. Push Reports boost shop performance by automatically providing managers with actionable data from their Hunter inspection technology.

Hunter’s revenue-generating inspection equipment is used by thousands of rooftops worldwide to quickly identify vehicle alignment and tire needs. Hunter’s new autonomous inspection system is able to automatically measure alignment and tire tread in seconds – no labor or stopping required, allowing shops to check every vehicle that comes through their doors.

With Push Reports, shops can now take even greater advantage of their Hunter inspection systems by setting daily performance goals and better identifying presented, achieved and missed opportunities to sell alignments and tires. Custom, easy-to-understand reports can be automatically pushed via text or email, allowing managers and owners to easily see shop performance and ensure the utmost utilization in their Hunter inspection systems.

“Shops are investing in inspection equipment that provides the best return on investment,” said Alan Hagerty, Hunter Product Manager. “Now supercharged with Push Reports, Hunter inspection equipment is more valuable and profitable than ever before.”

Advanced Driver Assist software

Bosch has announced the release of software version 3.8 for the ADS 325 and ADS 625 diagnostic scan tools in North America. The company says the update adds new coverage, including codes, live data, special functions to ensure the ADS series tools offer the best comprehensive diagnostic coverage available for technicians on the market.

Software version 3.8 adds new coverage to a wide variety of Asian, domestic and European manufacturers and vehicles through the 2019 model year. In addition, new ADAS dynamic camera calibrations have been added to select manufacturers, as well as pre and post scan coverage for numerous models.

New features for late and current model vehicles added to software version 3.8 are highlighted by:

  • DTCS and Live Data for 2019 model year GM, Hyundai and Kia vehicles, as well as 2018 model year Audi, BMW/Mini, Mercedes Benz and more
  • ADAS dynamic type forward facing camera calibrations for 2019 model years GM and select Kia models, along with 2018 model year BMW/Mini, and GM vehicles
  • Special Tests for 2018-2019 model year GM, Smart, Volkswagen and more

Additional ADS diagnostic scan tool functionality incorporated into the latest update includes:

  • 91 new parameters for OBD-II Mode 6 added for Hyundai and Kia
  • New diagnostic information, including DTC Circuit Descriptions and DTC Possible Causes for 2018 model year Chrysler, Jeep, Ford and GM vehicles




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