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News   September 12, 2019   by Allan Janssen

CATEGORY FOCUS: Ignition and starting

Recently released products in the ignition and starting space include spark plug boots from Design Engineering; a new line of automotive sensors from NTK; a new performance products catalogue from E3; and new alternators and starters from Robert Bosch.

Welcome to Auto Service World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers, and distributors.

Bosch Alternators and Starters (Rotating Machines)

Seven new part numbers have been added to the Bosch Rotating Machines product line, including six SKUs for remanufactured alternators and one SKU for remanufactured starters. The new SKUs extend coverage to more than 1.6 million late-model Domestic and Asian vehicles in operation in the US and Canada. These vehicles include the 2017 Ford Escape L4 1.5L, 2010 Hyundai Elantra L4 Cyl. 2.0L, 2005-2009 Audi S4 V8 Cyl. 4.2L and more. Bosch remanufactured starters and alternators are built with top-quality materials using the most advanced technology to withstand extreme heat, cold and high demand. They are 100% performance tested to last longer and deliver more reliable service.





Performance Products Catalogue

E3’s 2019 Performance Products Catalogue proves that E3 is much more than a spark plug company. Today, the company’s new 16 page catalogue features, in addition to the company’s hallmark street and race E3 DiamondFIRE spark plugs named for their “diamond shaped” patented ground electrode, DiamondFIRE Racing and Street wires, DiamondFIRE Distributors, a 6CDI Ignition Box, High Output CD Coil, an External 2-Step Rev Control, O2 Sensors, an Electronic Oil Filled Can Coil and E3 Street Coils.

E3 Racing Spark Plugs are designed specifically for normally aspirated and forced induction motorsports applications; drag, oval & off-road. The race plug features a shortened two leg design in a non-resistor configuration to allow maximum heat extraction, more horsepower, better torque and longer life. The new catalogue includes a helpful chart for selection based on compression ratio (CR) range, size/reach, seat type and tip reach.

E3’s DiamondFIRE Racing Distributors cover everything from Top Fuel to Street Stocks and are available for the most common Chevy, Ford, and HEI applications. Designed through a special hot forging process that eliminates weak spots and porosity, E3 DiamondFIRE distributors are precision stamped and have a fully adjustable mechanical advance and come complete with cap, rotor, wire retainer and a mechanical advance curve kit.


Blended Ignition Coil program

Auto Value has launched a unique OE Engine Management Cataloging Program to streamline the process of finding actual OE parts, simplifying the ignition coil selection process and ensuring each customer gets the best part for their vehicle.

“We are making the exact OE parts available to the technician so that we can help ensure a complete repair with confidence every time,” said Justin Hebert, category manager for the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, headquarters for Auto Value.

It is the fourth blended program the Alliance has launched, beginning with an oxygen sensor program in 2013.

“Our customers use the Alliance OE Oxygen Sensor catalog every day. They trust it,” said John Sanford, vice president of purchasing for Auto-Wares Group of Companies and chairman of the product committee for the Alliance. “The new Alliance coil catalog helps counter staff and MyPlace4Parts customers find and deliver the best part for every application. It only made sense that we rolled out a similar program for ignition coils.”

The program was developed in response to growing demand from consumers for exact replacements and from professional technicians for original equipment parts.

“With so many sensors and electronic parts facilitating the operation of today’s modern vehicles, technicians are becoming increasingly selective about what parts they are willing to put onto a customer’s vehicle,” said Justin Hebert. “Everything on the vehicle must communicate and function in harmony with all of the other components. When a technician has to replace a failing part, he doesn’t want there to be any doubt that the new part will restore the system to operational efficiency and remove the error light.”

To launch the program, the Alliance partnered with the four largest global OE Ignition Coil suppliers: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, and Hitachi. These four partners represent a significant portion of the OE business globally, and collectively offer an exhaustive knowledge of the specifications required for almost every engine platform in production today.

Many of them have earned ignition coil OE business or OES (Original Equipment Supplier) business. Others improved on the OE design or corrected a known early failure point. In all cases, Auto Value’s new cataloging program ensures the vehicle’s ignition system will be restored to “like new” or “better than new” status.


Spark plug boots

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has introduced new 7” Silver Protect-A-Boots, designed to protect spark plug wires and boots from excessive heat generated from the engine, exhaust manifold, and headers. Heat can cause wires and boots to burn, harden or crack resulting in arcing, misfire or event full ignition failure.

Designed to withstand direct heat up to 1200°F, DEI’s Protect-A-Boots are extremely pliable allowing for easy installation for straight or angled boots.

Made from high temperature resistant woven glass fiber material with double-wall construction with no restricting steel ring, they are resistant to damage from chemicals, abrasions and contaminants. The new 7” size Silver Protect-A-Boots are now available in three options – 2 pack (#010510), 4 pack (#010509), or 8 pack (#010518), or in bulk (#010520)


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