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News   January 13, 2020   by Allan Janssen


Product line expansion

Nine new brake pad set SKUs were added to the Bosch QuietCast Brake Pad product line. The new part numbers cover to 1.5 million late-model Asian, domestic and European vehicles in operation (VIO) in the U.S. and Canada, including the 2016-2018 Honda HR-V, 2017-2019 Subaru Impreza, 2013-2017 Fiat 500 and more. The new part numbers include synthetic lubricant with all applications and a hardware kit on select applications. Bosch QuietCast Brake Pads are developed for the generalist who works on all makes and models.

Eight new brake pad set SKUs have also been added to the Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pad product line to add coverage to 961,000 VIO, including the 2018-2019 Subaru Crosstrek, 2016-2018 Chevrolet Spark, 2017 Hyundai Elantra GT and more. The brake pads feature multi-layer shims for superior noise dampening and select applications are towel-wrapped for added protection. Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pads are built for the everyday driver with quality, performance and value in mind.

Air disc rotors

With the recent addition of four new air disc rotor part numbers to its specialty rotor line, Raybestos now offers increased coverage for air disc applications, and intends to release additional part numbers later this year. The news air disc products are specifically designed to handle the demands of class 7 and 8 vehicles, meeting or exceeding original design and performance requirements. All rotors are 100 percent coated with Grey Fusion 4.0 technology for corrosion resistance.

Disc Brake Pad Line

Akebono Brake Corporation has expanded its Ultra-Premium Disc Brake Pad line by four; three ProACT and one EURO part number. Premium stainless steel abutment hardware is included in the two ProACT kits that require it and the EURO kit includes electronic wear sensor. A complete listing of Akebono applications can be found in our web-catalog at or directly via,

The release included ProACT brake pads for several popular GM’s, Buick LaCrosse & Regal and the Chevrolet Malibu, as well as a couple front and rear Mazda applications. The award-winning EURO Line adds coverage for the popular, Mercedes-Benz CLA250 & GLA250.

Brake rotors

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket now offers a wide range of ATE Disc Brake Rotors to meet specific vehicle and customer applications. The rotors are precisely manufactured from the highest quality OEM materials to match original disc brake requirements. Over 100 years of brake systems expertise and experience goes into every rotor to deliver the right solution for safe and comfortable braking.

ATE Original Brake Rotors are precisely manufactured from the highest quality OEM specifications, surpassing even ECE-R90 standards. Offered in applications to fit a wide range of vehicle models and requirements, they feature the latest technology and high-quality materials. Every rotor corresponds exactly to the brake discs originally installed by the manufacturer, whether smooth, drilled, high-carbon, one-piece, pinned or riveted, and with or without wheel bearings. ATE Original brake discs offer extensive European coverage.

ATE PowerDisc Brake Rotors feature a stylish, custom appearance and an innovative technology that ensures safe braking even in wet conditions and in critical situations. A patented multifunction groove is machined into the rotor to help remove dirt and gases, which helps to reduce fading and prevent scoring. This groundbreaking ATE innovation also reveals the amount of wear on the rotor at a glance and serves as a convenient replacement indicator for technician and customer alike.

ATE Single Pack Brake Rotors are designed to deliver exceptional braking performance with ultra-low noise and vibration. They are built from OE material and match the high-carbon content of the OE part. The rotors are high temperature resistant and incorporate a special corrosion protection coating. Full axle coverage is offered for an extensive range of European make and models. Each rotor is sold individually.

According to Dan Caciolo, Head of Product Management for Continental Independent Aftermarket Powertrain & Brake Systems, “Our ATE disc brake rotor programs offer the customer and technician multiple options all featuring high-quality materials, and most importantly over 100 years of OE brake system experience and know-how. We have everything needed to deliver optimal braking performance and the correct rotor for each individual application.”

Ford Mustang brakes

Brembo brakes and the Ford Performance development team have engineered a braking system that will provide maximum stopping power for the all-new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, the most powerful street-legal Ford ever. Ford Performance chose Brembo to supply the front and rear brake calipers as well as the bespoke designed electronic parking brake (EPB).

The Brembo and Ford relationship dates back to the 1996 Mustang Cobra, when Brembo first supplied front brake discs and again in 2000 where Brembo calipers and discs adorned the Mustang Cobra R. Fast forward to today and Brembo now brakes the Mustang GT models with available performance packages, Mustang Bullitt, Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500. Brembo brakes are also on the Ford GT super car and the Le Mans winning Ford GT race cars that have posted 19 wins and 23 pole positions.

The front calipers on the Shelby GT500 are an aluminum monobloc design with six pistons. The Brembo engineering team designed one of the largest calipers Brembo offers because of the vehicle’s stiffness requirements and in order to improve pedal feel and fluid consumption.

The staggered piston diameters (34 mm, 38 mm and 40 mm) assure consistent braking pressure across the brake pad surface for excellent stopping power. The integrated tie bar design creates the strongest overall caliper design offered by Brembo. The front calipers will carry 131.2 cm2 brake pads that will clamp onto 420 mm x 40 mm cast iron rotors. The rear four-piston Brembo calipers have 30 mm and 32 mm pistons and are also aluminum monobloc.

Leveraging Brembo’s reputation for performance and style, the Shelby GT500 brake calipers will be offered in red with a white Brembo logo. Brembo’s signature red color is a key design feature that communicates quality and performance perfectly framed by the Shelby GT500’s five-spoke aluminum, or exclusive seven-spoke exposed carbon fiber 20-inch wheels.

Brembo will also supply the GT500’s EPB system. The system is activated by the push of a button and clamps onto the rear brake rotor separate from the rear brake caliper. The EPB system helps to reduce overall vehicle weight and part count by eliminating the traditional driver activated foot pedal or hand brake cable system.

“We have enjoyed a 23-year relationship with Ford,” said Dan Sandberg, president and chief executive officer, Brembo North America. “The performance of the Mustang has increased exponentially since we first started developing Mustang brake systems with Ford in the mid-1990’s. We are proud to have kept pace with the aggressive development of the Mustang. The all-aluminum caliper on the Shelby GT500 is our latest design. The unique construction has slightly different diameter pistons to maximize brake feel and stopping power, giving the driver that initial confident bite when pressing the brake pedal, whether during a simple commute, or going into a hair-pin corner at a track day event. In addition to this impressive stopping power, Brembo’s red calipers are a mark of quality and performance that assure that the driver of this high performance Shelby GT500 will have the ultimate in stopping power.”








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