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Feature   March 1, 2007   by Allan Janssen

Your Jobber Wish-List

Need a mini-fridge for your lunch room? Or a half-price sale on all auto parts on Boxing Day?

These were two of the more extreme suggestions offered when we asked how your jobber could serve you better (Havoline Auto Puzzle, December 2006).

But we also received more than 50 serious replies. And the leading complaint shops have with jobbers? Not surprisingly, it’s delivery issues.

A dozen replies urged for better delivery practices like designated drop-off areas and better pick-up options. Most simply said it needed to be quicker.

"We can never seem to get parts quick enough – especially when the customer is waiting!" wrote Allison Leclair of Midas Auto Service in Barrie, ON.

Retail policies also came under some heavy fire. Mike Hoffman of Automotive Brake Renew in Kelowna, BC summed it up this way: "Stop selling to over-the-counter sales at below list prices!"

The sentiments were echoed by many.

Shops would also like to see a commitment to quality parts ("Get rid of the white box stuff," suggests Wayne Wayner of Melno’s Service Centre in Welland, ON).

The jobber also needs to be a true resource, many pointed out, offering both product and technical knowledge to help techs do their job.

"Stay current with technology," urged Adam Gross of Gross Horsepower in Limerick, SK.

"Jobbers should have the best possible product knowledge and exceptional customer service skills," says James Chretien of Pennzoil 10-minute Oil Change in Sudbury, ON.

Many respondents boiled it all down to a question of accuracy.

"Stop transposing numbers when picking stock!" wrote Jeff Jordan of Jordan’s Auto Repair in Sorrento, BC.

"I would suggest a point-of-sale visual verification of every part," said Darryl Johnstone of OK Tire / Mann Motors in Delaware, ON

Only one service provider expressed absolute confidence in his jobber, and that’s probably worth a mention too. What would Don MacNeil of Motor Works Auto Services in Brantford, ON, like to see his jobber – Brewer’s Auto Parts Plus – do differently? "Nothing," he writes. "They’re doing a great job!" Good to see someone’s happy!

Here are all the responses, as they came in to us:

"Stay current with technology."
Adam Gross
Gross Horsepower
Limerick, SK

"Can never seem to get parts quick enough – especially when the customer is waiting!"
Allison Leclair
Midas Auto Service
Barrie, ON

"Stop selling parts at cost to average Joe. Get rid of white box parts (brand name top quality only) Any parts sold over counter to licensed techs only (safety parts)."
Wayne Wayner
Melno’s Service Centre
Welland, ON

"Keep us more informed about new product lines."
John Hassefras
Windmill Automotive
Brampton, ON

"We have problems with inexperienced counter people . I have waited up to an hour for prices. This is very inconvenient, especially when customers standing in front of you waiting. These include simple requests."
Donna Dimitrov
MAH’s Automotive
Port Colborne, ON

"Increase product lines and not remain captive on just popular brand names."
Erwin Wolff
WXL Contractors
Qualicum, BC

"Get a road rep."
William Kamaraus
Kamaraus Garage
Beausejour, MB

"Have a delivery person leave parts in designated area."
Gord Bauman
Floradale Garage
Floradale, ON

"Make sure their computer is correct as to what they have in stock. Have more counter staff. So that I spend less time on hold. Quicker delivery times."
Darryl Chalk
Budget Brake & Muffler
Courtenay, BC

"Offer the best parts possible."
Aleksander Koziol
Active Green & Ross
Mississauga, ON

"Quality prices and quality parts."
Paul Higgins
Central Auto & Diesel
Grand Falls, NL

"Dedicate some staff for only dealing with wholesale accounts."
Darren Luk
AAMCO Transmission
Kelowna, BC

"Deliver more than twice per day. Stop transposing numbers when picking stock!"
Jeff Jordan
Jordan’s Auto Repair
Sorrento, BC

"Give estimated time on delivery if not right way, to give option for parts pick-up."
Deborah McLean
Canadian Tire #179
Fort Frances, ON

"More extensive on-line catalogue."
Glenn Willerth
Murray GM
Estevan, SK

"Dedicated parts driver for my shop only."
Perry Vandergulik
Jem Auto Service
Coquitlam, BC

"Provide more training options."
Trish Seip
Legend Automotive
Edmonton, AB

"Simple. Provide the right part at the right time at the right price."
Rob Brown
Fountain Tire
Winnipeg, MB

"Stop selling to over-the-counter sales at below list prices. At times close to jobber price. My opinion, it is the single biggest issue, creating many customer conflicts."
Mike Hoffman
Automotive Brake Renew
Kelowna, BC

"Faster delivery."
Kelly Sinnott
A+ Auto Service
St. John’s NL

"Open when I am. We are open Sundays and all day Saturday, not just until noon or 3 p.m."
Derek Brook
Canadian Tire #018
Carleton Place, ON

"Quote the retail to walk-in customers same as the retail to you quote to us."
Charlene Doberstein
Midas Auto Service
Surrey, BC

"Provide the right part the first visit, not third!"
Kevin Rumbolt
Supreme Auto
Deer Lake, NL

"Have the best possible product knowledge and exceptional customer service skills."
James Chretien
Sudbury, ON

"Faster parts delivery."
Robert Goslin
Enbridge Fleet Department
Thorold, ON

"Quick delivery and all the stuff you need to do the job right the first time."
Brade Noble
Principato’s Auto Service
Toronto, ON

"More seminars, course on products and equipment."
Barry Kusik
Wyatt’s Automotive
Terrace, BC

"50% sale on Boxing Day."
Michael Lury
Eugene Collision
Toronto, ON

"Speed up delivery. Get correct parts. Stop selling parts to people off the street for the prices we pay."
Chris Walker
Midas Auto Service Experts
Thunder Bay, ON

"Quicker delivery"
Brent Martin
Midtown Truck Services
Vancouver, BC

"Right part first time. I would suggest a point-of-sale visual verification of every part."
Darryl Johnstone
OK Tire / Mann Motors
Delaware, ON

"Be honest if the part is not available. Don’t leave us hanging. Don’t sell junk. No more white box stuff!"
Abe Dueck
Dawson Enterprises
St. Andrews, MB

"Better, more timely deliveries."
Bob Gammon
Serbu Tire
Windsor, ON

"Lower prices. Tech support."
William Brink
Wiltech Services
Calgary, AB

"Get us a mini-fridge for our lunchroom."
Jillian Sherwin
Sarnia Lube Centre
Sarnia, ON

"Deliver parts faster, especially when we have a customer waiting."
Ken Dobrowolski
Pro Certified
Regina, SK

"Nothing. They’re doing a great job! (Brewer’s)"
Don MacNeil
Motor Works Auto Services
Brantford, ON

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  1. BLAINE BOUTIN says:

    Congratulations Chris,
    It’s great you are recognized and appreciated for the job you do. It’s nice to see your training is helping improve the advancement of others in our trade.
    Thanks to Canadian Technician for promoting this kind of competition to showcase our top professionals in the trade. Wear this achievement proudly and keep aspiring others to advance our trade.

    “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”
    ~ Albert Einstein ~………..

    Blaine Boutin

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