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Feature   April 8, 2010   by CARS Magazine


From time to time, a car owner has to relinquish his precious set of wheels for the kind of TLC only a professional automotive technician can dispense. Surely most customers bank on the fact that the technicians doing the necessary service work will treat their cars in a careful manner. And it goes without saying that when it’s time for the customer to retrieve his car, that vehicle should be in better shape than how it existed when it was originally dropped off at the shop.
But what happens when things go wrong – be it through sheer incompetence or a Lemony Snicket-like series of unfortunate events?
Alas, there are indeed technicians who take risks with the automobiles they’ve been entrusted to mend. In fact, once in a while, a bona fide disaster occurs in which the customer’s precious ride ends up being a write-off.
Need proof? Then check out the YouTube video, “Mechanics Gone Bad – Wrecked Exotics”( This slideshow chronicles the frightening fiascos no shop owner ever wants to experience. But be warned – some of the images are downright disturbing!

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