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Feature   January 7, 2014   by CARS Magazine

What was your favourite CT cover?

We're coming up on our 100th issue... and that means 100 unique cover illustrations that celebrate life in the service bay. Now we want to know which captured your imagination the best. Tell us which is your favourite and you could win a poster-size reprint.

Part of our job, here at Canadian Technician, is to capture the joys and challenges of the automotive repair and service industry.

We do that in a number of ways – but the most visible way is through our custom-illustrated covers. Each one is commissioned for the magazine from a stable of extremely talented artists.

The handiwork of artists Will EnnsWayne Moore, Jason Felesky, Larry Dickison,Mick Coulas, and Mike Carter has been on display – front and centre – for nearly 10 years now.

At 10 issues per year, we’re coming up on our 100th cover image. And now we’d like to know which was your favourite.

We know you have opinions about them! Over the years we’ve heard from many readers who have appreciated our unique take on life in the service bay. Some of you have even bought poster-sized reprints to hang in the office or in the waiting area. Our covers have inspired comments, questions, and criticisms… and we understand that because here in the office we also have our favourites. In fact, we’ve come up with a short list of 32 covers that we think best capture our industry.

Please visit our Facebook page and scroll through them to “like” the ones that make you smile.

The cover that earns the most “likes” will get a mention in our March 2014 issue. That’ll be a milestone issue for us – our 100th!

We’re so glad you’ve been along for the ride for 10 years of Canadian Technician. Let us know which cover you liked the best and you could win a poster-size reprint.