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Feature   April 1, 2003   by CARS Magazine

What’s New… (April 01, 2003)

Performance Plugs for Small EnginesBosch Super Start spark plugs for small engine applications feature a nickel chromium ground electrode and a metal glass fused centre electrode seal for long service...

Performance Plugs for Small Engines

Bosch Super Start spark plugs for small engine applications feature a nickel chromium ground electrode and a metal glass fused centre electrode seal for long service life without combustion leakage. Nickel-plated rolled threads give anti-seize and corrosion protection.

Robert Bosch Inc.

New Lifting and Service Equipment Catalog

Strongarm’s new Professional Lifting & Service Equipment Catalog features service jacks, engine cranes, safety stands, waste oil handling, greasing tools and more. A nationwide network of authorized warranty depots and an extensive inventory of replacement parts support Strongarm products.

Tachs/Gauges for Domestic and Import Applications

New Equus performance tachometers are easily installed on both distributorless and conventional ignition systems. Installation is by inductive pickup or hardwire, with two models to choose from. In the gauge lineup, there are two models each in Water Temperature, Oil Pressure and Voltmeter Gauges. All Equus tachs and gauges are lightweight, with solid brass Bourdon Tube or shielded OEM-type Electric Aircore meter movements for superior accuracy.

Equus Products Inc.

New Professional Scan Tool

Kal-Equip’s new KM9640 is a full function enhanced scan tool that reads historic data on pre-1996 vehicles, global OBD II data on 1996 – 2002 vehicles, and GM, Ford & Chrysler enhanced OBD II data. It supports bi-directional communication and control and can erase codes and reset the MIL. Print test results via RS-232 printer (not included). A menu-driven software guides the technician in using the tool. The KM9640 is fully upgradeable via flash programming to support future vehicles and tool enhancements.


New Lift Family from Mac tools

Mac Tools has launched a new family of service equipment, including lifts. The LF29000S two-post surface mount lift is available in symmetrical and asymmetrical versions with capacities from 9,000 to 11,000 pounds. Steel pulleys and brass bushings provide durability and stability. 18 position mechanical safety locks are released at a single point for convenience, while the automatic arm restraint locks insure no arm movement after the lift arms are positioned and loaded.

Mac Tools

A/C Lubricant for Better Performance, Durability

ROC Oil from Cliplight Manufacturing is compatible in any ratio with all lubricants and won’t absorb moisture like PAG and ester lubricants. ROC Oil’s low miscibility means more lubrication stays in the compressor and less travels with the refrigerant, reducing the chance of starving the compressor of lubrication – especially in the event of refrigerant loss. ROC Oil offers quick ‘pull down’ times, lower vent temperatures, reduced compressor load and run times and better compressor durability.

Cliplight Manufacturing

Printer System Adapts to Multiple Aligners

The AnyPrinter system makes your older non-PC based alignment machine as modern as newer models. AnyPrinter gives you cost efficient printing, record keeping, and file storage. With the AnyPrinter system you can go back and retrieve and reprint the easy to find (sorted by time-date-year) alignment that is automatically stored as soon as you hit print on the aligner. You can also redirect the printing to any computer connected to the network. AnyPrinter works on many popular aligners including Hunter, Bear and FMC.

Creative Electronics

Lightweight Torque Wrench

Weighing less than four pounds and made of lightweight, ultra-strong titanium, Ingersoll-Rand’s new IR2135Ti 1/2″ Ultra-duty Compact Wrench delivers 700 ft/lbs. of traditional torque output.


Semi-Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Castrol’s new Syntec Blend 5W-20 oil meets the service fill requirements of 2001 and beyond Ford and Honda, meeting stringent economy requirements and providing excellent cold weather protection.


A/C Service Station

The new KoolKare DiagnosTech air conditioning service station represents the next generation of automatic high-tech AC equipment. Numerous features include exclusive point-of-delivery refrigerant management system.

Snap-On Tools