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Feature   August 28, 2009   by CARS Magazine

What is a customer to do?

I brought my vintage Chevy Camaro in for servicing to a repair shop as it needed a new transmission. I left the car with the shop so the mechanic could take his time and do a good job. A few days later, I was told it was ready. After settling the bill, I drove off. Within seconds smoke that smelled like burning rubber started emerging from the gearshift area. I immediately did a U-turn and brought the car back to the shop. They asked me to leave the car with them for another day. No apology was offered.

The following day, I was told to come back and pick up the car. There was actually an extra charge levied, which I begrudgingly paid. But what had me seething was that my car stereo was gone! I asked the guy behind the counter, “What happened to my stereo unit?” and he simply shrugged and said, “Must’ve been stolen overnight.”

I responded by tersely saying, “And…?”

He simply points to a sign that states: “Not responsible for damaged or stolen items.”

Again, no apology offered. Instead, he simply says “Don’t you got insurance?”

I’m so livid I’m actually contemplating a small claims lawsuit.

So … what went wrong?
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