Auto Service World
Feature   January 1, 2000   by Susan Iorfida

Web Watch is a brief monthly explanation and description of web sites worth looking at for auto service professionals.

Site dedicated to professionals

ADMS, Inc. is a network dedicated to professional automotive technicians.

Visiting this web site allows users to participate in technical discussion groups, shopping networks, classified ads, free business web pages and access to the latest automotive industry news.

This web site is unique in that it offers data from repair books that are produced by technicians for technicians, rather than instructions from usual repair books where data comes directly from the manufacturer.

This allows guests to see the steps an expert uses instead of flowcharts that are utilized in most shop manuals.

Also, the two-page layout and cross-referencing of the manuals allow quicker access to relevant information.

Visitors to this site can participate in free technical discussion groups, customer referral services and have access to all TSBs and recalls for almost every vehicle made since 1958.

Products offered include straight line testing procedures, field tested fixes and independently researched measurement values that are not available from factory sources or computer databases.

All of the auto literature comes from distributors with experience in the automotive industry.

Guests in this web site can provide ADS with the title or description of the information being sought or use an online questionnaire to help Auto Data Distributors around the nation respond to the query.

Within one business day, users are provided with a list of titles and their lowest available prices.

Members of this network have access to the latest automotive industry news, business web pages and classified ads.