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News   March 15, 2014   by CARS Magazine

Veedol returns to the Canadian market

Grant Brothers Sales to represent historic lubricants brand as it makes its way back to Canadian store shelves and repair bays.

Veedol is once again available to the Canadian market.

The international brand with over 100 years of history will be represented in Canada by Grant Brother Sales.

Lubricants manufacturer Automobile Solutions Americas Inc. (ASA) has entered into a licensing agreement with Veedol International Limited (VIL) headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland giving ASA the rights to manufacture and sell the entire line of Veedol Branded automotive products throughout Canada and Mexico.

The Veedol brand of lubricants was originally launched in 1913 by the Tide Water Oil Company out of Pennsylvania and quickly grew and expanded throughout the world.

ASA Canadian sales manager Colin McCulloch said ASA and Grant Brother Sales will work together to grow the Veedol brand in Canada.

“Automobile Solutions Americas is very happy to have Grant Brothers Sales representing the Veedol brand of lubricants across Canada. Our goal is to become one of the top brands of lubricants in Canada and deliver excellent service to our customers. With the help of Grant Brothers Sales, we feel that we will be able to achieve these goals,” said McCulloch.

“We are committed to developing the Canadian market for the Veedol Brand,” said Antonio Ramos, Marketing Manager at ASA, “Our goal is to raise awareness of this historic brand which was well supported here in Canada, and to restore it as one of Canada’s top brands of lubricants.”

With offices and warehousing in Mississauga, Ontario and blending done in Canada, Veedol is focused on delivering a historic product that is made in Canada and readily available to the Canadian market.

Veedol’s general manager of international operations says Veedol has always kept pace with advancements in engine design and lubrication technology.

“Our focus on research and development has helped us to formulate a range of products for a wide range of applications,” he said. “With manufacturing in Canada and distribution available throughout Canada, you will soon be able to find quality Veedol products at a shop near you.”

Veedol has been a brand synonymous with quality lubricants throughout the world. Originally launched in 1913 by the Tide Water Oil Company out of Pennsylvania, the Veedol brand has had a historic journey servicing the lubricants markets around the world.

Among other historical accomplishments, Veedol Oil being chosen for use in the world’s first mass produced car, the Ford Model T.

Veedol Oil was also used in the first plane that flew from North America to Japan nonstop which was aptly named “Miss Veedol.

In 2011, Tide Water Oil Co. India Ltd. acquired the global rights to the Veedol brand and set up the Veedol International Limited head office in Glasgow, thus beginning the journey of re-launching the brand around the world.

Adam Crisp, president of Grant Brothers Sales, said the Canadian sales agency is proud to be part of the re-introduction of the Veedol Brand in Canada.

“When Veedol products were previously sold in Canada, Grant Brothers Sales was the agency that represented the products back then,” he said. “To come full circle and be part of the historic Veedol brand’s return to the Canadian market is an exciting opportunity.”


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