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Trio Arms from Rotary Lift

sl212-with-trio-armsRotary Lift’s patented Trio Arms are now standard on its medium-duty SL212 12,000 lb. capacity SmartLift inground lift.

Trio Arms, standard on 10,000 lb. capacity SmartLift inground lifts since 2011, provide an 18 percent wider reach than standard arms and a unique sliding adapter system.

“We want to get technicians off the ground and working faster and Trio Arms are all about productivity. Technicians can simply slide the lightweight adapter to the desired position, without getting on their hands and knees to reach under the vehicle,” says Jim Dirksen, vice president, light duty sales for Rotary Lift. “These unique lift arms save technicians time, stress and energy. Their productivity-enhancing versatility, ease-of-use and precision make them very popular with technicians, service managers and shop owners.”

Rotary Lift says the Trio Arms provide all the capabilities of regular three-stage arms in a more versatile package. On Trio Arms, the third telescoping arm segment is replaced with an integrated lightweight sliding adapter assembly, and the adapters can also be rotated 360 degrees and easily slide along the lift arm.

Trio Arms are standard on both the SL212 SmartLift inground lift and the ShockWave-equipped SL212SW SmartLift models. The SL212SW SmartLift can raise a vehicle 83 inches off the ground in just 30 seconds and lower it in 19 seconds.

Made in Madison, Indiana, SmartLift inground lifts are ALI gold-label certified to meet industry safety and performance standards.