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Tonneau cover

Penda Corporation has set out to revolutionize the tonneau category with its new Penda Venture, a lightweight, high-strength thermoplastic tonneau. Featuring a honeycomb layered composite construction and co-extruded plastics technology, the Penda Venture enables truck enthusiasts to enjoy a secure, weather-tight cargo area as well as an open bed for hauling without the heavy lifting, potential truck damage and other hassles associated with removing a conventional fiberglass tonneau. Its designed with a quick-release hinge system and quick-disconnect lift assists. The Venture delivers an exclusive blend of strength, styling, ease of use, and overall versatility that enhances the truck ownership experience, said Penda Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Ulf Buergel. Our engineers have leveraged the benefits of aerospace-type construction and the latest materials and manufacturing technologies to change consumer expectations in this promising category. The Venture breaks down the barriers we believe have kept millions of truck owners from investing in a tonneau cover. The Venture also is engineered to enable thousands of truck accessories retailers to add hard tonneaus to their product mix. Unlike conventional, fiberglass tonneaus, the Venture is easy to ship and stock and features an elegantly simple mounting system that speeds installation and eliminates fitment-related comebacks. The new tonneau also utilizes a robust weather sealing system that prevents leakage and other concerns common to conventional caps and tonneaus. The Penda Venture is available with a stylish, deep-black textured exterior finish that wont fade. Unlike early-generation thermoplastic tonneau products, the Penda Venture offers both a durable and attractive exterior surface and a smooth interior finish that is easily carpeted. To achieve the strength required for extended durability, existing thermoplastic tonneaus rely on unsightly ribbed cross-members that are difficult to cover and which can damage shifting cargo in some driving situations. Pendas exclusive honeycomb layered composite construction eliminates these concerns while providing uniform support of the entire top surface. The Venture eliminates the compromises associated not only with heavy fiberglass tonneaus, but also first-generation thermoplastic designs, Buergel said. Now consumers and retailers can enjoy the best of all worlds in a product thats affordable and widely available through trusted truck accessories distributors and retailers.

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