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Feature   April 28, 2015   by CARS Magazine

The Forum’s open… come on in!

If you’ve got questions, there are readers out there who have answers. If you have tips, we want to hear them. Got suggestions for the industry, or for this magazine? Great! Or if you’re feeling inspired, you can also consider it a virtual soapbox, allowing you to rant to your heart’s content. We’ll listen and then get right up on our own soapbox to reply when you’re done.

We’re finally ready to get the conversation started. Check out our new CARS Forum. It’s a place for techs, service advisors, and shop owners to hang out, compare notes, and learn from each other.

You can discuss the automotive repair and service trade with like-minded people, share anecdotes and observations, ask probing questions, and wax eloquent on your favorite subjects.

It’s your best opportunity to make your voice heard by your peers across the country.

Click on CARS Forum in the navigation bar or go to