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News   September 8, 2010   by CARS Magazine

The AIM Associated Sub-Groups Form Strategic Alliance with Uni-Select

The AIM Associated Sub-Groups (AASG) -AIM Alliance, Auto Extra, DWC/Cygnus and SDI- announce that they have fo...

The AIM Associated Sub-Groups (AASG) -AIM Alliance, Auto Extra, DWC/Cygnus and SDI- announce that they have formed a strategic alliance with Uni-Select.  The agreement provides group members with the ability to participate in and benefit from the full range of Uni-Select’s innovative sales, marketing and business operations programs.

“Our members value their independence and will retain it under our new agreement,” said Dick Palmer, president, AIM Alliance and spokesperson for the AASG.  “However, they also need partners who can offer additional sales, marketing and business operations tools.  We believe all group members will appreciate Uni-Select’s commitment to developing programs and then allow companies to participate in those programs on an “a la carte” basis  selecting only those programs that best meet their unique needs.  This alliance expands the number of programs available to all of our group members, as they can now choose from existing Associated Groups programs as well as the new programs from Uni-Select to help them continue to thrive in our industry.”

Brent Windom, Uni-Select vice-president for North American Marketing and Product Development, said Uni-Select’s programs will enhance those currently available to the AASG.  “We have made significant investments in the technology necessary to service national accounts, and our enhanced drop ship program provides improved profitability while streamlining the back office functions.  These programs, in addition to our dual market strategy of expanded product availability over our global supply chains, support how Uni-Select works in true partnership with independent members to help them grow their businesses profitably.”

The strategic alliance became effective September 1, 2010, and all contracts and agreements that AIM Associated Sub-Group members have with customers and suppliers remain in effect.

AASG members will learn more about the various programs now available to them at the organization’s 15th annual member reception, held in conjunction with the 2010 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas.