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Feature   June 3, 2009   by CARS Magazine


Weve polled our readers during the last several months, getting them to weigh-in on everything from their favorite cars to work on to whether or not shops should provide free estimates. Without further ado, here are the results of our Survey Says.

SURVEY SAYS: What was the best advice you ever received about the trade or the business, and who was it from?

“From my uncle: ‘There are 24 hours in a day; eight hours are for sleep; eight are for fun and eight are for work. Don’t mix them up.’”
Maurice J. Gallant, Laker Auto Repair, Mississauga, Ont.

“From my grandfather: ‘Look, listen and learn. You can never know it all.”
Bill Hann, City Tire & Auto, Corner Brook, Nfld.

“If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.”
. Grant Cormier, Mighty Auto, Bedford, N.S.

“From Smokey Miller, Master Mechanic: ‘Run it by hand until you can afford the equipment.’”
Glen Inglis, Waycon International, Guelph, Ont.

“An old boss once told me that you should always treat the customer the way that you would like to be treated.”
Dennis Kokovai, Serbu Tire, Windsor, Ont.

“This advice came from an elder technician whom I worked with: ‘Take pride in your work – always. And never be afraid to ask a question.’”
Robert A. Fox, Randy’s Automotive, Hanwell, N.B.

“From a Grade 10 shop teacher: ‘When in doubt – don’t.’”
Mel Palmer, Belleville Tire & Auto Centre, Belleville, Ont.

“From my father: ‘Beware of deadbeats!’”
William Kamaraus, Kamaraus Garage Ltd., Beausejour, Man.

“From Mike Austin at Master Mechanics: ‘Don’t be scared to charge for your knowledge.’”
Cheney Katernych, Mercedes-Benz of Regina, Regina, Sask.

“From my grandfather: ‘Don’t believe it – or un-believe it – until you see it!’”
Laura Dubois, Piston Ring Service, Winnipeg

“My grandfather always said, ‘If a job is worth doing
it’s worth doing right.’”
Jim Walker, Bourgeois Motors, Midland, Ont.

“Vehicles will always need to be fixed no matter how bad the economy gets.”
Carrie Wernham, Dunham Automotive, Forest, Ont.

From Don MacKenzie, mechanics instructor: ‘Never forget the basics, always look for the small stuff.’”
Wayne Hughes, Phillips Suzuki, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

“From my high school shop teacher, Mr. Phillipoff: ‘Be honest to customers. Tell the truth.’”
Neil Simpson, Simpson Auto, Chilliwack, B.C.

“From my dad: ‘As much as you think you know, someone knows more. So keep an open mind.’”
Jouin Kapoor, Metric Motors, Pickering, Ont.

“From Beeker: ‘Even if you plod along, cover your ass on the work order.’ In other words, it’s easier to get paid if they know what you did.”
Mark Kile, Specialized Off Road Services, Barrhead, Alta.

“From my dad: ‘Treat every customer as a new encounter.’”
James Pettigrew, Tireland Midnapore, Calgary

“To answer this question, I would sound like I was giving an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. I take advice from many sources, including this magazine.”
Mike Hoffman, Proactive Auto Care, Kelowna, B.C.

“From a family friend: ‘Stay in the trade, you will always have a job. People can’t live without their vehicles.’”
Rick Petrowski, Rick’s Performance, Winnipeg

“From a former employee: ‘Treat customers’ cars as if they were your own.’”
Paul Parker, Brian’s Transmission, Riverview, N.B.

“From a co-worker: ‘Always double-check your work.’”
Chris Foster, Supreme Auto, Deer Lake, Nfld.

“From my dad: ‘Do it right the first time and take your time.’”
Jeff Pannell, Jem Auto Service, Coquitlam, B.C.


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