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Feature   April 30, 2013   by CARS Magazine

Success Stories

Were hearing some impressive things about the nominees for our Canadian Technician of the Year award... but there's still time for you to tell us about your candidate. Send us your nomination before the May 31 deadline!

It’s not too late to nominate someone for our Canadian Technician of the Year award.

As you know, we’re looking for a truly outstanding technician who is well-rounded, professional, and community minded. We want to hear their stories, and reward one of them with $10,000 in cash and prizes. Deadline for nominations is May 31.  

If the nominations we’re getting are anything to go by, the winner will be an impressive ambassador for our trade.

So far, we’ve received more than 20 nominations from every part of the country. We’re learning about people with remarkable dedication to the trade as well as community service.

Among them:

* A particularly innovate tech in British Columbia, who once manufactured a brand new tool specifically for a particularly difficult job.

* A nominee in Airdrie, Alta., who “has shown… our community the true meaning of a good, honest, professional, caring and well-mannered mechanic.”

* A German-apprenticed technician in Toronto who “always has crazy TDI projects going on.”

* A Hyundai World Skills Competitor from Nova Scotia who has worked with law enforcement on several criminal cases.

* A shop owner in Strathroy, Ont., who has a special rapport with customers… “they always have a smile on their face, even when they are paying for a repair.”

* A “very energetic team-player” in Edmonton who always gets to work an hour early to start planning his day.

* A nominee in Ottawa who finds time to help organize a number of community events and gives freely of his time and expertise as a volunteer firefighter.

* A technician in Woodstock, Ont. who has an uncommon dedication to training, spending thousands of his own dollars to further his education.

* A “super technician” in Quebec who has a reputation for being able to fix anything on wheels… and he is also the chief mechanic for a Formula 1600 race team.

* A Nissan Certified Master Technician in Kingston, Ont. who “always goes the extra mile” for his customers and coworkers.

* A nominee in Eastern Ontario who can repair anything from a chain saw, to a transport truck, to a Massey-Harris Pony tractor, to a motorhome.

* A general technician in Halifax who has built a reputation for helping people who are stranded on the side of the road – even if it means expense and inconvenience for him.

* A diesel truck tech in Burnaby, B.C., who is a fully certified Commercial Transport Journeyman Inspector “with the patience of a saint.”

* A shop owner in Winnipeg who has built a network of friends in the industry who share information, offer business tips, and help each other with tough repairs.

* A Ford specialist in Yellowknife, N.W.T., who has a made a habit of helping those who are new to the trade.

* A senior technician in Perth, Ont., who has a wide range of abilities and is known for his ethics and extremely high work standards.

* A technician in Red Deer, Alta., who, even after the car is gone, takes apart the failed component to figure out what went wrong.

* A second-year apprentice in Bancroft, Ont., who is a “born teacher” who always tells coworkers facts and tricks to help them in their work.

* A dealer tech in Winnipeg who volunteers with a motorsports program to help inner-city kids develop their interest in fixing and modifying vehicles.

* An ambitious young worker in Western Saskatchewan who is “passionate about his career” and never backs away from a technological challenge.


Nominations are still coming in, and we’ll continue to receive them until May 31.

If you know someone who deserves recognition as an ambassador for our trade, click HERE to nominate them.

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