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Snap-on introduces Modis Edge

eems341_homescreen_nlSnap-on has introduced Modis Edge, a combination full-function scan tool and scope/graphing meter.

Modis Edge features a five-second boot-up and a new Instant ID feature that automatically reads the VIN upon connection to the vehicle. The nine-foot lighted OBD cable makes connection to the vehicle fast, and the dedicated SMX operating system and quick links to common procedures mean quick results. In addition, it features finger-driven, eight-inch color touchscreen and four-way thumb pad.

Technicians have access to 48 vehicle makes and over 100 vehicle systems with coverage including OEM-specific codes, live data graphing, functional tests, and relearns and adaptations. Comprehensive coverage is available for Asian, domestic and European vehicles, as far back as 1980.

Modis Edge also includes exclusive SureTrack expert information which offers verified parts replacement records and real fixes in a straightforward Complaint/Cause/Correction format.

“Our promise to customers is we will keep pace with the dynamic auto industry. We will continue to enhance and improve our diagnostic equipment. We will ensure that every investment that technicians make with us is the most sophisticated, advanced technology solution available,” said Leian Wunderlich, marketing manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “The new Modis Edge follows this promise, giving technicians the confidence that they can handle any job that comes in.”

Online software upgrades for Modis Edge are available through the software subscription plan.