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Ratcheting wrench

New Blue-Point Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrench Sets from Snap-on are the first to feature small tabs on the inner box end that allow the tool to accept both six- and 12-point fasteners, and hold six-point fasteners in place. The unit contains two overlapping hex configurations, which can be engaged and changed to accept either six-point or 12-point fasteners, depending on the task at hand. Blue-Point Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrenches (# BOERF708 and #BOERMF712) provide multiple tool options for technicians to reduce the time it takes to complete jobs that require tightening, loosening and releasing fasteners. The new Blue-Point Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrenches are now available in an eight-piece fractional Flank Drive set (5/16 inches to 3/4 inches) and a 12-piece metric Flank Drive set (8 mm to 19 mm). More than any other ratcheting wrench, the new Blue-Point Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrench from Snap-on Tools Company demonstrates that sometimes it