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News   June 27, 2012   by CARS Magazine

Porsche praised in customer satisfaction survey

Porsche 911 gets first place in luxury sports car segment of J.D. Power & Associates Initial Quality Study."

Following its latest survey, J.D. Power & Associates, has issued a solid-gold certificate to Porsche for its dedication to customer satisfaction.

In its "Initial Quality Study" on customer satisfaction, the Porsche 911 – the icon of the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer – won first place. With it, the 911 model has received the J.D. Power Award as the vehicle with the highest level of customer satisfaction in the luxury sports car segment. At the same time, the sports car is the best vehicle of the entire survey, owing to the extremely low number of complaints.

The Panamera sports sedan came in third in the luxury car segment, and the sporty Cayenne SUV was in sixth place. In brand ranking, Porsche came in second out of a total of 34 international automakers covered in the survey. From the findings of their studies, the American researchers also made inferences for evaluating production sites: the main Porsche plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen won second place in Europe, the Leipzig plant came in sixth.

The "Initial Quality Study" involves interviews with 75,000 American car buyers. They were to deem how satisfied they were with the quality of their new cars in the first three months after delivery. A total of 230 vehicle models (model year 2012) were analyzed. The questions were broken down in 228 criteria from different categories – among them issues such as "driving experience" or "engine and gearbox."

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