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News   May 8, 2009   by CARS Magazine

Permatex releases headlight restoration video

Permatex has released a new online video for automotive maintenance and repair technicians that allows them to see how easy it is to restore cloudy, yellowed, and scratched plastic headlight lenses to “like new” clarity via the Permatex Headlight Lens Restoration Kit. The 4-minute video provides step-by-step instructions for clearing up clouded headlights in less than 45 minutes without special tools or training. Restoring headlight clarity will improve light output, driving safety, and the overall appearance of a vehicle’s headlights without resorting to costly headlight lens replacements.
The videos can be viewed online at:
Since almost all modern vehicles now use plastic headlight lenses, clouding of these lenses can emerge as a serious problem as vehicles get older. Headlight lenses can become yellowed and clouded by the effects of sunlight, pollution, car wash chemicals, and road grit. Such cloudiness will block light output and dramatically reduces nighttime driving visibility.

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