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News   May 14, 2009   by CARS Magazine

Parliament votes to support Bill C-273 – (247 votes in favour and 18 against)

To all AIA Canada members, partners and customers – Thank you for all your hard work!

The commitment to success by both AIA and the Canadian automotive aftermarket industry resulted in a positive vote today for Bill C-273. Early this evening a majority of MPs in Parliament voted in favour of sending Bill C-273 to Committee. This is an important milestone. The passage of a Private Member’s Bill to Committee is a rare occurrence.

For the past 5 years, AIA has worked diligently in cooperation with a number of partnering associations and groups to ensure that MPs, the media and the industry at large understood clearly the issue at hand. While there is still a lot of work ahead at the Committee stage, this vote is a clear indication that we have successfully shown to our elected representatives in Parliament that a legislated solution is the only real mechanism to resolve the Right to Repair issue going forward.

The 10,000 letters sent to MPs re-affirms the industry’s resolve to rally around AIA Canada and to request that a permanent, binding solution be found for the Right to Repair. Without our collective efforts to send in letters, to place telephone calls and to participate in meetings, the Bill would most certainly not have risen to the attention of Parliament as quickly and as forcefully as it did. MPs from every party now recognize that the Right to Repair impacts the entire driving public. Thank you all for your tremendous efforts.

A Parliamentary Committee will soon be receiving feedback on Bill C-273 from a number of groups. This process will result in the Committee submitting a report back to Parliament in the Fall. AIA will continue to keep you apprised of any updates as they occur in relation to the passage of Bill C-273.

Thank you to the thousands of individuals who have supported AIA throughout this process and we look forward to your continued support in the weeks and months ahead.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Marc Brazeau

President, AIA Canada

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