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OTC upgrades Encore diagnostics software

OTC has upgraded its Encore diagnostics software, featuring enhanced vehicle information and expanded vehicle coverage.

Highlights of the software release include TPMS updates and improvements to tests for diagnosing various issues with Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles. In total, the release increases coverage for 642 new systems and 2,314 new vehicle-ECU combinations. With the update, technicians can expand their testing and diagnostic capabilities within the shop as they work to fix customer vehicles.

Additional Encore software enhancements include:

  • ABS functional tests for many 2000-2005 vehicles
  • Tire pressure reset tests for many 2000-2005 vehicles
  • Throttle position tests for many 2005-2009 vehicles
  • Tire type/pressure selection tests for many 2011 vehicles
  • EVAP tests for numerous Ford and Toyota models
  • DEF tests for 2013-2015 Chrysler vehicles