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Feature   June 1, 2001   by CARS Magazine

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Pride, Professionalism and Technical Expertise Plaudits for "TECHlines" Newsletter Complimentary Insurance Coverage in Force You ain't seen nothin' yet...

An industry truism has been re-confirmed: Automotive technicians have an insatiable appetite for news of the technical variety. This came as no surprise. What overwhelmed us is the almost-euphoric response we received from Institute members to the inaugural issue of TECHlines. That was quite surprising. It is, after all, just a newsletter, and a rather modest one at that. We thank you for the enthusiastic reception.

A brief survey form was circulated with TECHlines. We asked if you would like to receive it on an ongoing basis, and fully 100 percent of you responded “yes”. We then asked if you’d like us to produce it monthly, or send it to you every other month. The results: Monthly – 76.64%. Every Other Month – 23.36%. Several respondents in the latter category expressed concern about “costs”. This speaks volumes about the “sense of ownership” members hold for the CARS Institute.

Having “weighed-in” the survey results and your considered comments, we’ve decided to publish TECHlines about once every six weeks. By the time this article appears in the CARS Insider supplement of SSGM magazine, Institute members will have already received Issue No. 2 of their newly born newsletter.

At 12:01 AM on Sunday, April 1, 2001, $10,000.00 Personal Accident Insurance Coverage was activated for all members-in-good standing of the CARS Institute. The protection underwritten by Industrial Alliance Pacific Insurance and Financial Services will remain in force 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for so long as the member maintains his/her membership in the Association.

You too can have “the extra protection you need today, and additional financial security for your family tomorrow”. No medical questions or exams required; no premiums to pay, ever. It’s yours FREE just for saying “yes” to membership in the CARS Institute.

Benefits provided under the comprehensive plan include:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment



Family Transportation

Occupational Training for Spouse

Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification

Special Education for Dependent Children

Day Care for Dependent Children


Call our Membership Services Administrator, Luanne Ingram and get covered today. (800) 268-5400

Additional new membership benefits are on the CARS Institute horizon. For example, preferred rates will soon be available to members on their home and car insurance under an exclusive Personal Lines Insurance Program. Also to be announced shortly is an Interactive Industry Web site: Here, Institute members will have access to a Message Board, a fast streaming Chat Forum for “live communication”, free Want Ad Listings, Technical Training Courses at reduced tuition fees, and more.

Be part of the movement to Pride, Professionalism and Technical Expertise in Canada’s Automotive Service and Repair Industry… join with us today!